WA Stewards Disqualify Trainer For 7 Years

RWWA Racing and West (RWWA) have today taken a hardline on issues in the state by ousting a local trainer for seven years.

RWWA today inquired into the care and control of two greyhounds accommodated by licensed Owner/Trainer Mr .

They took evidence was taken from Owner/Trainer Mr D. Letizia, Owner Mr J. Letizia, RWWA Principal Investigator Mr P. O’Reilly and RWWA Veterinarian Mr P. Symons.

Owner/Trainer Mr D. Letizia pleaded guilty to a charge under Greyhound Rule 106(2) for failing to exercise reasonable care and supervision to prevent Greyhounds under his control from unnecessary suffering.

Mr D. Letizia was disqualified for a period of seven (7) years.

In announcing the hefty Mr John Zucal, RWWA Chairman Of Stewards; said that stewards took into account Mr D. Letizia’s guilty plea and his co-operation with officials, the seriousness of the charge being an animal matter and the consequences of his actions.

RWWA are to be congratulated for setting a such a high benchmark on animal welfare issues which should send a clear signal to other industry participants about acceptable standards of care and behaviour.

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