Bulli Greyhounds To Get Sole Use Of Track Facilities

After conducting a limited number of race meetings at the Bulli Greyhound/Harness racing facility in recent years, the Bulli Harness Racing Club has advised the NSW GBOTA it will no longer continue to race at the venue.

The NSW GBOTA and the Bulli Harness Racing Club have been in negotiations for many months with a view to determining tenure arrangements at the venue for the long term.

NSW GBOTA Executive Officer, Brenton Scott, said it was pleasing to no have clarity as to the future of the venue.

“The Wollongong City Council was keen to see both greyhounds and harness racing continue at the venue with greyhounds holding a head lease and harness operating under a sub-lease.

“The Bulli Harness Racing Club has determined, however, that its future is to race at Menangle and this paves the way for Bulli’s future to be framed around exclusive provision of greyhound racing,” explained Mr. Scott.

The NSW GBOTA will now meet with the Wollongong City Council in early December to discuss the way forward. Mr. Scott confirmed the NSW GBOTA’s commitment to Bulli and the potential of the site.

“When the NSW GBOTA assumed a bigger role at Bulli three years ago, it did so because of the venue’s importance to the industry and its potential,” said Mr. Scott.

“The track is an outstanding one turn track and it is accessible to the majority of metropolitan based trainers.

“And we now have the opportunity to develop it in a way not previously thought possible.

“A chute start for the 400m, training facilities including slipping tracks, trackside landscaping and a viewing area up-grade are now all open to greyhound racing.”

Area Director, Joe Bertinato, believes Bulli has an important role to play in the industry’s strategic future.

“Bulli has long been a great brand for NSW greyhound racing and I think the industry now has the opportunity to build on that brand with a greyhound racing dedicated facility of outstanding quality.”

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