Greyhound Racing Tips For Thursday 13th August 2009

Welcome to Australian Racing Greyhound's free Greyhound Racing Tips for Thursday 13th August 2009 with Tips tonight from Sandown Park (Victoria), Dapto (New South Wales), Albion Park (Queensland), Angle Park (South Australia) and (West Australia).

Huge night of greyhound racing action ahead with Nationals hopefuls taking to the tracks in three seperate states. The Victorian National Distance Championship finalists will be decided at Sandown, Albion Park will host both the Queensland National Distance Championship heats and Queensland National Sprint Championship heats; while Angle Park will also host both the South Australian National Distance Championship heats and South Australian National Sprint Championship heats.

As usual we will offer our expert analysis and tips in each of the Nationals heats and so, with tonights Greyhound Racing coming from Sandown Park (Victoria), Grafton (New South Wales), Albion Park (Queensland), Angle Park (South Australia) and Mandurah (West Australia), lets just recap our track advice for those tracks.

Sandown Park is considered one of the best two turn tracks in the country and plays reasonably fairly, although there is a slight bias towards railers and greyhounds on the speed.

Dapto is a track greyhounds either handle or they don't. Favouring early speed greyhounds over all distances, it is one of the few tracks in Australian Greyhound Racing where dogs can race Welcome to Australian Racing Greyhound's free Greyhound Racing Tips for Wednesday 1st July 2009 with Tips tonight from Ballarat (Victoria), Warrnambool Greyhound Racing Australiaextremely wide and still make ground. Look for greyhounds with exposed form on the track.

Albion Park was the first track in Australia to move to the finish-on lure system and it is definitely the better of the two Queensland TAB tracks. A lack of depth in a lot of races can cause upsets at Albion Park when favourites are over-rated or suffer interference. Tread warily when betting on the corner start 600m races; and the 700m races will often throw up odds-on favourites that have alot of weakness about them.

Angle Park is all about leading to the first corner, class dogs will knock up winning in South Australia as their is a definite lack of depth, even at higher grades. Again be wary of betting in 600m and 700m events at Angle Park as in many cases it is just the last throw of the dice for connections and there are very few genuine stayers.

Mandurah can be a punters graveyard, the 492m distance, 647m distance and the 302m distances are corner starts and even the 405m start is only a short run before the corner. Good beginners are decidedly advantaged as are the red boxes over all 3 shorter distances.

Victorian National Distance Championship Heat 1 – Sandown Greyhounds – Race 3 – Box 4 – Amity Bale

Amity Bale has been gifted this first heat of the Victorian National Distance Championship. Won the Group 2 AWM Distance Championship last start at The Meadows and only possible opposition comes from Natalie Rass who is second up over the distance off a break but did win last start at Wentworth Park in an average 42.82. Managed a Lizrene win here back in April upsetting more fancied rivals but is giving fitness away to Amity Bale who has only been beaten by Mantra Lad of late. Amity Bale has won 2 of 3 Sandown distance starts and PB of 41.96 is just outside Total Denial's 2002 track record of 41.80.

Victorian National Distance Championship Heat 2 – Sandown Greyhounds – Race 4 – Box 1 – Mantra Lad

Mantra lad has comprehensively regained his best form after going “off” earlier this year and getting beaten by Natalie Rass in the Group 3 Lizrene final here. Since then he has won the Group 1 Sandown Cup, run second to Queen Lauryn in the Group 1 Gold Cup and won the Group 2 McKenna Memorial. If there is any reservation it is that he can run the odd ordinary one in the heats before firing in the final but we can't logically back anything else here to beat him. Given his vulnerability in heats, don't take silly odds.

Victorian National Distance Championship Heat 3 – Sandown Greyhounds – Race 7 – Box 3 – Vintage Octane

Interesting race but not for the fact you'd think. As far as the winner goes it'll be Vintage Octane by daylight based on his last start record breaking run at over the 600m in 33.96. Can take a forward position and will just about lead this and bolt in. The interest comes from the new National Distance Championship eligibilty criteria which gives a finals berth to the highest ranked greyhound who can't win their state final. Victoria have a lock on the top 2 stayers ranks with Mantra Lad and Vintage Octane, but should the unthinkable happen and one of those two not get the priority final berth, then Jarvis Bale who contests this heat could be a Nationals Group 1 distance finalist despite having never won a race in excess of 600m. Officially Jarvis Bale will be the third highest ranked stayer and his ranking is completely due to points gathered in sprint races. If he can't step up to the mark tonight and either Mantra Lad or Vintage Octane don't get the priority, hopefully connections will do the right thing and refuse the priority finals berth if offered to avoid an embarassing situation for all involved. Sadly the fourth highest ranked greyhound Brislane hasn't won a staying race either. There'll be plenty of Australian greyhound racing's executive barracking for both Mantra Lad and Vintage Octane.

Dapto Greyhounds – Race 3 – Box 5 – Fancy Step

Fancy Step is another of the Collision ~ Flash Fancy litter. Whle the other more than handy ones in this litter or still in the hands of Dennis and Ann Barnes, Fancy Step runs under the guidance of the more than capable Wally Lutiger. Fancy Step has started twice so far, both times here at Dapto for a 30.24 maiden heat win and slashing 29.81 maiden final win. Return here again tonight and although both prior starts have been from box and has to contend with box 5, should be able to make it 3 from 3 comfortably.

Dapot Oaks Final – Dapto Greyhounds – Race 3 – Box 5 – Your My Lady

Not a group race and given the Dapto clubs aversion to promoting themselves and their sponsors, only the die hards would know this race was on tonight. But after last weeks heats this race looks like a nice pick up for the trained Your My Lady despite the awkward box 4 draw. With 3 slow to moderate beginners drawn to her inside she has about a length and a half to the first mark over all those runners and can run sub 30 seconds overall. Has started here twice for 2 wins and can make that 3 from 3 at good odds.

Queensland National Distance Championship Heat 1 – Albion Park Greyhounds – Race 1 – Box 8 – Seminole

has been going ultra consistently for Kayleen and Micheal Thrupp and there's no denying that Seminole is a huge crowd favourite as the likebale couple battle cancer and Michael has been gravely ill. Local trainer Reg Hazelgrove has been handling Seminole with Mr Thrupp confined to home but each win stirs the heart of the crowd and the Thrupp's many friends. Not sure we'll make much money from Seminole tonight, but I'll be cheering as loud as anyone.

Queensland National Distance Championship Heat 2 – Albion Park Greyhounds – Race 2 – Box 5 – Miss Amy Jade

Miss Amy Jade is certainly not past the post here and can definitely find trouble in her races. Will probably drop out here and will need to get an outside passage around the field but the small field will suit. Dashins Top Hat will not be easy to beat but Miss Amy Jade is the greyhound on the rise and is more than a capable of running down any in this race, if she feels like it.

Queensland National Distance Championship Heat 3 – Albion Park Greyhounds – Race 3 – Box 7 – Smart Choice

on form and ability is an obvious choice here. Has won 5 of 12 starts over this distance with 4 seconds and the whole field combined has only won 6 races here. Has raced against some of the best stayers going around and just need to put her best foot forward to win this. Best time here is 4 lengths better than anything else in this and should win convincingly.

Queensland National Sprint Championship Heat 1 – Albion Park Greyhounds – Race 4 – Box 1 – Lots Of Moolah

Lots Of Moolah has let us down a few times and recent form is ordinary, but having drawn box 1 and with a PB of 29.96 he has lengths on this field but will need to step to show his best. Has won a third of his starts here and can add to that but will have to work for it. Definitely need at least $2.25 to get interested here.

Queensland National Sprint Championship Heat 2 – Albion Park Greyhounds – Race 5 – Box 1 – Yikes

Yikes has been rushed back for this series and won his first start for 5 months at in early July. Hasn't started since but has an excellent record of 4 wins from 6 starts here and a PB of 30 dead. Will likely lead this a long way and get very tired but with the two obvious chances drawn wide, he could easily steal this race at odds.

Queensland National Sprint Championship Heat 3 – Albion Park Greyhounds – Race 6 – Box 4 – High Earner

Pretty handy nationals heat and have to take on trust who was a pretty bad failure a few runs ago after leading and hasn't won for 3 starts. Has a habit of turning it all around with a bang and and hasn't raced for 3 weeks so should be fresh and ready to fire. The break and freshen up steers us in to him again tonight and as we know has the record and the pace to pull out a huge race at times.

Queensland National Sprint Championship Heat 4 – Albion Park Greyhounds – Race 6 – Box 4 – Bogie Bomber

The scartching of Suna Surf out of the 1 box looks like a gift for Tony Brett and Bogie Bomber here. Bogie Bomber has won 8 of 15 starts with 4 placings and has a PB of 29.96 having won 2 of 4 of his last starts. Managed to beat Ryan's A Rocket from box 1 in the Townsville Cup heats and then finsihed down the track to the same greyhound in the final. With vacant box drawn inside gets every chance to lead and win again.

South Australian National Sprint Championship Heat 1 – Angle Park Greyhounds – Race 4 – Box 7 – Gold

All the money will be for the 2 inside runners, wo to be quite frank have pretty ordinary win records and have left us cold on more than one occassion. Meanwhile Gold has won 6 of his last 8 starts and 5 of 15 here with a PB of 30.10. Has early pace and can handle a wide draw so don't be worried about the long odds being offered. Is a huge chance.

South Australian National Sprint Championship Heat 2 – Angle Park Greyhounds – Race 5 – Box 4 – Tread Lightly

Honestly, nothing in this can win the national final with the sole exception of maybe Tread Lightly who has drawn awkwardly in box 4. Has won half his starts here with a PB of 30.18. Finished 6th last start here on a Monday night but did win the start prior at Gawler. Really very painful to try and find a winner amongst this lot who seem to be taking in turns to win, so go with the younger dog on the way up.

South Australian National Sprint Championship Heat 3 – Angle Park Greyhounds – Race 6 – Box 3 – Drink Driver

Really hope Drink Driver can get through here as he is already proven at Cannington and against the best and has been largely under-rated his whole career. Recent form wouldn't inspire a lot of confidence but has been thereabouts without treatening. Isn't getting any younger but has the form on the board and will have to go close to his best to beat C'mon Billy if he runs to his best. Well drawn outside that runner and will carry my money.

South Australian National Distance Championship Heat 1 – Angle Park Greyhounds – Race 7 – Box 7 – Amber's Ace

The late scratching of Ella Fair from this race robs it of all interest. Like the pathetic distance heat thrown up at Launceston on Monday night where on 2 of the 4 dog field managed to finish, this race offers nothing to the whole national distance picture with only Amber's Ace having managed an Angle Park Thursday night distance win. Given that proven form and the fact she's won 10 from 25 means she's light years ahead of these but will still have to improve to be competitive come national finals time.

South Australian National Distance Championship Heat 2 – Angle Park Greyhounds – Race 8 – Box 1 – Risk It

If Uncle Remus can keep his head in the game, he'll win, but I'm happy to risk that fact that may not happen and have to go with old timer Risk It, who has has raced against the best and can still pull out a big run at times. Won last start here running 43.60 which is about 4 lengths of his best but is still good enough to get the nod here.

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