Greyhound Adoption Program partners with Police Veterans Victoria

Greyhound CEO and Police Victoria CEO David McGowan with retired racers Farfy and Daisy.

Victoria's Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) recently announced a collaboration with Police Veterans Victoria (PVV), which will be mutually beneficial for both organizations. GAP, a division of Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV), focuses on preparing retired greyhounds from racing for their lives as family pets.

By partnering with PVV, GAP will have the opportunity to reach out to a community of individuals, ultimately resulting in greyhounds finding loving homes.

This partnership will not only bring joy and companionship to police veterans but also provide them with a renewed sense of purpose.

According to David McGowan, CEO of PVV, many veterans experience health challenges following their retirement from the police force, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression.

PVV is committed to supporting these veterans and their families through initiatives like the Veteran Peer Support Program.

Over the years, referrals for this program have consistently increased by 500%. The collaboration between PVV and GAP aims to assist police veterans who may be struggling with a loss of purpose by helping them reconnect with the community and form bonds with the loveable greyhound breed.

Mr. McGowan expressed his excitement about partnering with GRV and emphasised their shared goal of enhancing the lives of veterans as much as possible through this initiative.

“This collaboration marks an exciting milestone for both our organisations as it opens up a world of exclusive benefits and opportunities for our esteemed members, from the GAP adoption program to rewarding volunteer work.

“I have no doubt our members will find our partnership with the GAP highly rewarding.”

Police veterans will be involved in a range of activities including visits to GAP headquarters in Seymour.

During these visits, they will contribute to enriching experiences for greyhounds through activities such as walking, grooming, socialising, basic training, and creating toys to keep the dogs entertained.

Additionally, veterans will be encouraged to become carers and help greyhounds adjust to life as pets before finding their forever homes.

Stuart Laing, CEO of GRV expressed his delight in collaborating with PVV and said, “It it is great to be working with Police Veterans Victoria who do some amazing work for our first-line responders.”

“We are excited about the opportunities this new partnership will bring. Greyhounds make amazing pets and are wonderful companions. They are chilled, they do not need a lot of exercise and are extremely docile.”

“It can be quite a challenge for greyhounds to adjust to life as household pets since they are initially raised on farms and then trained as athletes.”

We would be delighted to witness some of our greyhounds finding homes with a few of our retired police officers.

You have the option of adopting a greyhound as a pet or becoming a caregiver, where you take care of the dogs for 3 – 4 weeks and help them adapt to experiences like going up and down stairs, encountering noisy household appliances, and meeting different dog breeds.

“The foster care process is extremely rewarding and an important phase of a greyhound's life.”

Both GAP and PVV are not-for-profit organisations.

GAP Victoria, established in 1996 has successfully placed thousands of retired greyhounds into loving homes.

They currently have around 100 caregivers at any given time making them the largest greyhound rehoming agency worldwide.

PVV was founded in 2019. Boasts over 4,600 members along, with four employees and 60 volunteers. PVV offers a variety of services to cater to the needs of police officers, veterans and their families.

These services include providing support upon request developing a rewards program and other benefits to recognise the service of veterans advocating for the well being of police and PSO veterans and creating support programs aimed at promoting the fitness, happiness and overall health of veterans and their families.

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