Bulli Club Stage Last Independant Meeting

GBOTAOn Sunday June 29 the Greyhound Racing Club conducted it last race meeting. From July 1, 2008 its operations at the Bulli Racing Complex have been merged under the banner of the .

The Bulli Greyhound Racing Club distributed more than $5000 in additional to participants to celebrate its final meeting and to say thanks all its loyal supporters.

With the operations of both organisations at the track now successfully merged under one entity there will be cost savings and benefits for participants under the new arrangements.

Both organisations have worked hard to deliver this merger initiative and to ensure participants benefited from a seamless transition in respect of racing operations.

An additional opportunity for participants following the merger is the instigation of a regular series of heats conducted at Appin into finals at Bulli. The first of these is set to kick off at the Appin meeting on July 12th with heats over the 274 metres and the final to be held at Bulli over 400 metres on July 16th.

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