NSW greyhound participants viewed as irredeemable recidivists

IT is hard to believe Premier Baird is able to keep a straight face when he makes some of the comments attributed to him.

For example, talking of Justice McHugh’s conclusions on live baiting and the numbers of participants involved, Baird said on 2GB, “He has weighed up all the evidence and he has made an assessment that it is 10-20 percent…”

So, although the Commissioner found that at least 80 percent of trainers were not guilty of being involved in live baiting, the industry should be closed down.

I would be quite happy to bet a few dollars that for every 100 individuals reading this, up to 20 have been involved in a car accident at some point in their driving career. Yet, the Premier is not calling for the closure of the motor vehicle industry.

Baird made a completely false statement regarding greyhound racing in the United States. He reportedly said, “In the US there was a majority of states where greyhound racing was in the late 70s and now it’s down to five…”

Let me just give our geographically-challenged premier a history lesson. Since 1959 there have been 50 states which make up the country known as the United States. A ‘majority’ would therefore would need to be 26 states or more conducting greyhound racing.

In 1972, racing was conducted in seven states: namely, Florida (17 tracks), Arizona (6), Colorado (4), Massachusetts (3), South Dakota (2), Arkansas (1) and Oregon (1). All of these tracks were privately-owned and run as businesses, a completely different setup to that extant in Australia.

Equally, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (something Mr Baird will clearly never be) to see that in reality the bulk of racing was confined to Florida and Arizona. So, to use the words ‘a majority of states’ is nothing more than a complete and utter fabrication which is pretty typical of the average politician, of all stripes.

Baird then claims greyhound racing in NSW has reduced by about 20 percent in the last eight years. Yet its share of the marketplace has jumped to 22 percent of TAB turnover.

Mr Baird also states the government-appointed interim CEO of GRNSW Paul Newson, who has resigned after less than 17 months in the job, “doesn’t think the industry can change.”

Let’s just step back and think about that comment. The state governments of Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania have, at this stage at least, concluded those citizens involved in greyhound racing within their jurisdiction are capable of continuing their involvement.

Those governments have probably concluded that if proper oversight and policing is conducted, the inevitable cohort of crooks can be discovered and action taken against them, while the vast majority of honest citizens can continue to be engaged in the sport they love.

On the other hand, every one of the honest citizens of NSW engaged in the sport they love are, according to Paul Newson and accepted by Premier Baird, beyond redemption. Mr Baird has basically said that his government is incapable of creating a structure which can catch those engaged in activities which are against the law because every single person in the sport is tainted. He has effectively suggested every person involved in greyhound racing is an irredeemable recidivist.

I don’t believe in reincarnation, so perhaps Mike Baird is only ‘channelling’ the ghost of that fruit-loop US Senator, Joseph McCarthy, who dominated American politics for a, thankfully, brief period in the 1950s as he hunted down Communists and other political undesirables.

How long will it be before Baird changes the rules for entry to the NSW Public Service, requiring applicants to answer the question: ‘Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the greyhound racing fraternity?’

Past Discussion

  1. DaveSampson75  “We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.”
    Santosh Kalwar, Quote Me Everyday

    pay attention to that quote DAVE.

    sound familiar?

    you and BAIRD and many others need to re-assess your thoughts.

    hang on to long to those old ones,and ya done for and made a fool of.

  2. The simple reason Baird has become a Baird is this –

    At some stage he was poisoned, probably at the entry point of his political career.

    The slow release multi ingredient poison has now rendered him totally void of righteousness.

    There are many people behind the scenes trying to help him recover by offering words of encouragement, unbiased advice and the occasional howdy dudey get better soon handshake.

    Hopefully with his Christian faith, some anti-venom medicine, a few own party wake up calls, and some rimming, he will be back on track.

  3. DaveSampson75 don’t forget  Sarkis just  got done again, dogs still getting put down on track for treatable injuries and positive swabs. BAU.

  4. DaveSampson75  .there you go again. dave the expert,who gets his details from honest BAIRD & co.

    well my lad, after todays debacle by those who represented the expert field of vets AT THE SO CALLED COMMISSION,,have created an illegal situation,that just may land them in trouble within there own association.and I bet ANIMALS AUSTRALIA WONT PAY THERE BONDS EITHER.

    are you aware of that Davey crocket?

    and this motley crew,who had no right to be used as so called EXPERTS,based there so called WASTAGE figures from no experience in the industry of greyhounds,but more plied by details supplied by guess who> go on dave, have a guess.

    so BAIRD has based his figures on old stories from 10 years ago involving a lost CANADIAN named ERNIE…….CRIKEY.


    WASTAGE IS NOW PROVEN WITHIN THAT IT IS WAY OUT AND A GUESS…………mathematics not the commissions best subject it appears.

    and now, plied vets who had an agenda that favoured the DO-GOODERS, ILLEGALLY presented themselves as EXPERTS in there field…………….similar as saying I am a police officer to gain a favour……..and I am not.

    so DAVE, your sole fight of WASTAGE and SLAUGHTER,supplied to your brain by the crettins you dabble with,is falling apart, and BAIRD and his cohorts,including the spy NEWSON, are fumbling for excuses in how to back out of this.

    and on top of that DAVEY boy, BAIRD and his crew are trying to do a deal with a crematorium to destroy UP TO 12OOO DOGS if this comes to fruition.


  5. DaveSampson75  ps………..IMPOSSIBLE FOR AN egotist TO LET GO TO.


  6. DaveSampson75 You might find that one of the “experts” contributed greatly to the “wastage” figures herself – now wouldnt that be ironic – we will wait for that to come out – its coming.

    Now, how many greys were bred in NSW in the last 12 months?

    It starts with a 3.

    Start thinking – its gunna hurt I know.

  7. DaveSampson75  No the other reasons are the land value of Wentworth park and Baird needs support of the greens rep in parliament.

  8. Duncan, Conversations amongst the chattering class (my involvement as a speaker on the history book project) recognise that blooding of greyhounds is a criminal offence and that the euthanasia of animals is legal if it is performed in a respectable fashion. For example a person recently received a litter of canines off E-bay (or Gum Nut). He intended keeping a few dogs and disposing of the rest of the litter. He was caught bashing some or all of the litter to death with a brick. His defence was that he was taking pups to the shelter but ran out of petrol and did not have the money to fill his car. He ended up with a one year conviction not for euthanising dogs but for aggravated cruelty.

    Back to the subject, people believe that the State Government is overreaching in many areas (a lot of people I am addressing are Liberals as well) but the questions I get asked the most is about the effect of the American closedown and most countries closing down greyhound racing.

    The greyhound racing suffers from a lack of historical research and in my opinion invention of history by Welfare historians.

    Greyhound racing follows the sports of hunting with canines, the growth of coursing as a sport and recreation and the follow on of mechanical racing.

    The sport has always been an Anglo sport and its influence as coursing and then the conversion to tin hare racing reflects the rise and fall of the British Empire. The influence of hunting with sight greyhounds in the early days was influenced by what territory the Kings of England held in Europe, Britain lost the America so coursing there was sparse and so the follow on of greyhound tin hare racing involved some states, peaked during the golden years of Casino’s. Canada has greyhound racing and so did New Zealand with social type wagering system. People in groups put in money each and no commission was drawn. NZ has since obtained full tote betting. UK lost ground in Africa and India and the ex pats in China lost there control of greyhound racing in mainland China over the high commissioner in China representation to the Australian Government over contract arrangements.

    Mechanical Greyhound Racing has existed in NSW from the late 1920’s. It was joined in the 1930s by Tasmania. 1958 by Victoria and much later by South Australia, Western Australia; NT and Canberra. The Tin Hare Racing has increased greatly on the National Program.

    The public generally believe that greyhound racing was a feature of all countries originally and through some universal uprising by the welfare parties that they have stopped racing in most countries. The efforts of regulated welfare groups is very impressive in many areas is stunning and there is a genuine move for developments both in the animal welfare fields both human and non human.

    The State Government will effectively own all greyhounds in NSW after July 1 2017. On Viewpoint  Chris Kenny talked about the compensation the Government would ned to pay the industry including the greyhounds taken over by the State. Chris mentioned 7,000 greyhounds but this is only the number required for racing year to date, The amount of commercial greyhounds brings the figure in at 14,000. On top of this number there are the retired greyhound which are currently kept by people who use the prize money etc to keep their retired dogs. The best case for the Government is that they will be landed well over 14,000 dogs. The cost of boarding most of these dogs would be heavy. (Work it out for yourself) but remember that the costs would diminish by about 8% per year (depletion taking into account CPI) for 12 years. The Government does not believe in mass graves so there may also be a cost for cremation.

    The American scene is interesting as there are 8,000 facilities involved with the adoption in one form and another of Greyhounds which produce about 16,000 or less greyhounds a year. That means the centres have to handle slightly less than 2 greyhound per year each yet raise probably billions per year through donations using greyhounds to raise money.

  9. Bahaha, with the help of his Christian faith? I suppose it is true that many religious people feel that animals were put here to serve our needs rather than being sentient organisms that are worthy of respect outside of how we can make use of them… so perhaps you are right, a reconnect with the imaginary man in the sky might help your cause.

  10. I don’t know why Duncan Stearn picked 1972 data to represent the “late 1970s”, but maybe he didn’t have access to all the facts about racing in the USA. Since the 1990s, for example, greyhound racing has been banned in Maine (1993), Virginia (1995), Vermont (1995), Idaho (1996), Washington (1996), Nevada (1997), North Carolina (1998), Pennsylvania (2004), Massachusetts (2008, effective 2010), Rhode Island (2010),New Hampshire (2010), Colorado(2014), and, just this year, Arizona. It still remains legal, and struggling to survive, in Iowa, West Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, Texas, and of course Florida. It remains unbanned also in Oregon, Wisconsin, and Kansas, but for economic reasons the dog racing industry in those three states is defunct. It’s banned everywhere else in the continental USA. 

  11. JeffWhite4  Fascinating Jeff if I have any trouble getting to sleep one night I will read this again. This is so boring maybe you are a lawyer.

  12. Deborah555 JeffWhite4 Probably a bit of cherry picking both ways, The information provided by Jeff seems to a lift from Christine A Dorchak (president of Grey2K USA worldwide publication of the History of Greyhound Racing in the USA which contains a lot of useful research. I will cut and paste the section I think that Jeff is using. If I am wrong Jeff can you give me your historical reference.

    The cut and paste refers to the banning of Pari Mutual bans on greyhound racing not to greyhound racing and breeding in general. The article also shows from a historical perspective the different in cultures between the USA and Anglo’s .

    Here is the cut and paste.

    Beginning in the early 1990s, states also began turning back the clock on the industry. Seven states and the U.S. Territory of Guam repealed their authorization of pari-mutuel wagering on live dog racing during this period, and some also banned simulcast wagering on greyhounds. Vermont (1995), Idaho (1996), Nevada (1997), Guam (2009), Massachusetts (2010), Rhode Island (2010), New Hampshire (2010), and Colorado (2014) all passed dog racing prohibitions. Additionally, South Dakota allowed its authorization for live greyhound racing to expire as of December 2011, and five states—Maine (1993), Virginia (1995), Washington (1996), North Carolina (1998), and Pennsylvania (2004)—all passed preemptive measures.

  13. Deborah555 JeffWhite4 Yes, I’m sure you prefer your opinions to be based on much more exciting things than boring old facts.

  14. JeffWhite4 Deborah555  No Jeff I find lots of facts fascinating  just not the ones you outlined. John Tracey’s facts are very interesting.