Talking breeding: Former Irish champ has two promising litters

THIS week's review of litters selected from the Victorian Litter Registrations list for the week ending March 29, begins with two litters by the 2004 Irish Greyhound of the Year and outstanding, international stud success, Premier Fantasy* (April 2002 Premier County x Nifty Niamh).

Premier Fantasy* won the 2004 Easter Cup, and was the national record holder over 525 yards (484m) at Shelbourne Park (28.08) then smashed his hock when 4/7 fabourite in a semi final of the 2004 English Derby.

He was from a good litter which included Comeawaywithme, Mickos Army, Nifty County, Soul Brother, Tolerton Lad, White Hill and Yobbo, with his dam, Nifty Niamh also producing some very good winners from both of her other litters, whelped in April 2003 by Larkhill Jo and July 2004 by Climate Control.

Worth noting that nine of his top 20 rated offspring (from almost 5000 pups named) were whelped in Australia, so there is no doubt about the bloodlines being successful here and also that his top rated son, Fear Zafonic* is now standing at stud here.

His top 20 ranked offspring currently, and their dams are; Fear Zafonic* (x Farloe Oyster), Flash Of Light (x Trendy La Maze), Longwood Fantasy* (x Final Patsy), Frisky Fantasy* (x Hail Or Shine), Swift Fantasy* (x Swift Flyer), Pinpoint Maxi* (x Kingsmill Abu), Flash Reality (x Orara Flash), Prince Diablo (x Best Of Diablo), Joanne Monelli (x Foolish Girl), Mutual Decision* (x Quick And Easy), Jagger Swagger (x Surpassing), Hot Irish (x Lovey Craves It), Conna Trigger* (Kingsmill Abu), Kildalton Maid* (x Linger), Farloe Blitz* (x Final Oyster), Slick Sioux* (x Maybe Baby), Innocent Til (x Proven Polly), JD Fantastico* (x Gable Disco), Tuiaki (x Shireen's Habit) and Maireads Fantasy* (x Maybe Baby).

Victorian litter registrationsPremier Fantasy* passed away late last year and I am not sure if there any straws of his left here in Australia, or how many there are worldwide for that matter. But it is worth noting we have five sires from his top 20 rated offspring standing at stud here in Australia and I also noticed Farloe Blitz* on that list, who has sired winners here from limited opportunities. Then we also have Hurricane Luke, Leeroy Rocker, Premier Boloney, Premier Style, Shifty Sticka and Tommy Brislane standing here. (Apologies if I have missed any, I am sure someone will let me know).

Cavanagh and Walker syndicate manager, Bruce Walker, registered the first of the two litters which has 10 pups, from the beautifully bred bitch, Peggie (January 2012 Magic Sprite x Sips Her Latte) whose dam is by Bombastic Shiraz x Swift Flyer (Flying Penske* x Sheza Swifty).

Peggie, is from a litter of seven named, which included, Cambridge, Dodge The Bill, Magic Dream, Magic Flyer, Raghall and Sweet Latte, with their dam having six other named offspring on file from two litters, whelped in June 2013 by Fear Zafonic* and February 2014 by Slater.

On the track, Peggie raced 53 times for nine wins and 19 placings, winning five times over 595m at (34.22) where she also won over 515m (29.79) and won three times over 520m at Cranbourne (30.42).

She has one previous litter on file, three dogs and two bitches, whelped in March 2015, by Barcia Bale.

Mount Doran breeder, Kathleen Boyle has the second Premier Fantasy* litter, which has two dogs and five bitches, from the well bred bitch, Pen Shaw (March 2012 Where's Pedro x Star Diva) whose dam is by Collision x Flaming Subject ( x Signing).

She is from a handy litter which included, Gavdashian, King Wolf, Praha, Skyla's Star, Tallinn and Vinius, with their dam, Star Diva, also having good winners on file from both of her other litters, whelped in February 2009 by Return The King (which included the successful track bitch, now proven producer Come On Luann) and February 2011 by Dyna Lachlan.

On the track, Pen Shaw raced 31 times for four wins and five placings, winning twice over 472m at Bulli (26.51) with single wins over 520m at Nowra (30.10) and 520m at Dapto (30.23) and placings over 460m at Warragul and 460m at Geelong.

On the Edge

NEXT we have a nice litter of one dog and five bitches, registered by Mulgrave breeder, Grey Doyle, by the 2011 Melbourne Cup winner, Dyna Tron (February 2009 Collision x Gold Rush Bale), from the well bred, lightly raced bitch, Outside Edge (June 2012 Cosmic Chief x Jemma's Choice) whose dam is by Pure Octane x Bounty Lass (Just The Best x Your Thoughts).

She is from a litter of five named, which included, Chief's Choice, Counsel, Pinkman and Princess Pass, with their dam also having winners on file from a litter of five named, whelped in November 2011 by Collision and one named, Shayley's Comet, from a November 2013 litter by Don Chendo.

Beautifully bred litter

PEARCEDALE breeder, Gregory McKay, has a very nice litter of six dogs and four bitches on the list this week by the US sire, KC And All* (October 2006 Gable Dodge x KC Did It Best) from the beautifully bred bitch, Go Rubber Nose (January 2011 Go Wild Teddy x Casey's Angel) whose very good producing dam is by Spiral Nikita* x Leprechaun Yap (Hotshot x Leprechaun Miss).

She is from a litter of 11 named, which included, Athena Goddess, Carmine Ozzie, Evanscent, Go Prom Queen, Holding Sway, She Wants Me, Telling You, Tempted, West On Xavier and West On Ziggy.

Their dam, Casey's Angel has a total of 50 named offspring on file, with six other litters, by Bekim Bale, Brett Lee, Collide, Collision, Smooth Fancy and Where's Pedro.

Amongst her most successful offspring to date, are All Strung Out, Anything Less, Yesterday's Wine, Miss Bel Air, Gone To Heaven, Living Proof, Waymore's Blues, Bad Company, Never Ask, Telling You, Miss Betsy, Someday Lady and West On Angel.

Go Rubber Nose did all of her racing in WA and Tasmania, where she raced 28 times for 10 wins and six placings, winning five times over 405m at , where she also won over 490m (27.89) and won twice over 530m at Cannington in WA (30.94), before going to Tasmania where she won over 452m at (25.99) and 515m at Launceston (30.44).

According to my breeding records she has one previous litter on file, six dogs and three bitches, whelped in April 2015, by Jarvis Bale.

Spud litter

OUR final litter for review from this week's Victorian list, is three dogs and four bitches, by 2013 Australian and Adelaide Cups winner, Spud Regis (December 2010 Bombastic Shiraz x Phiona), from the well bred bitch, Destiny Shaker (March 2010 Where's Pedro x Greys Destiny*) whose imported dam is by Kiowa Sweet Trey x Greys Nose Dive (Norva x Greys Ladymanagum).

She is from an outstanding litter of 12 named, which included, Andiamo, Black Attitude, Destini Bambini, Destini Fireball, Destini Warrior, Destiny's Jet, Five Paws, General Destini, Kansas Tornado, Miss Abilene and Mr. Kansas.

Their dam, Greys Destiny*, also has winners on file from her two other litters, whelped in June 2011 by another Australian Cup winner, Velocette, followed by an August 2012 litter by International stud success, Brett Lee.

Destiny Shaker raced 71 times for the good record of 22 wins and 16 placings, winning five times over 400m at Geelong (22.40), where she also won twice over 460m (26.05), twice over 515m at Sandown (29.87), twice over 450m at Ballarat (25.51), twice over 440m at Sale (24.85), twice over 390m at Ballarat (22.09), twice over 298m at Traralgon (16.69) and twice over 450m at Warrnambool (25.57) where she also won over 390m (22.05) and also won over 410m at Horsham (23.33), 460m at Warragul (26.22) and 425m at Bendigo (23.79).

She has one previous litter on file, with four dogs and four bitches, whelped in May 2014 with six named to date and one winner, Destini Tenor, although three of the others have placings at the time of writing.

The two other litters on this week's Victorian list are, one dog and two bitches by Barcia Bale x Broadway Miss ( x Transmit) registered by Roger Bloomfield, then two dogs and four bitches, registered by Frank Spiteri, by Stagger x Oriental Emily.

Recorded information

DURING the process of compiling this week's litter registration information from Victoria, several anomalies were found between the Litter Registrations list and Fasttrack's information on the litters for each brood bitch.

The different information comes in the number of dogs and bitches in each litter, e.g. the Litter Registrations list for the first litter had 0 dogs and 10 bitches, which was corrected in fasttrack as 10 dogs and 0 bitches, then the same reversal in another of the litters which I corrected.

If you see something in the Litter Registrations list you don't agree with, or know to be wrong, please let me know. [email protected]

NSW Whelping Report

NSW whelping reportTURNING our attention to the NSW Whelping Report for the week ending December 24, 2015, our first litter for review has six pups, by leading Victorian metropolitan sire Barcia Bale (March 2010 Go Wild Teddy x Princess Bale).

The one dog and five bitches, registered by Windsor breeder, Allen Williams, are from the very well bred, lightly raced bitch, Maureen's Irish (September 2010 Bit Chili x Benny's Habit) whose dam is by Surf Lorian x Dancing Habit (Royal Assassin x Crazy Habit).

She is from a litter of four named, which included, Feel The Chill, She's In Vogue and Top Quarter, with their dam's only two other named offspring, Irish Dance and Smiles A lot, being whelped in October 2012, by Fear Zafonic*.

Imported brood bitch

NEXT we have a nice litter of four dogs and one bitch, registered by Darren Leeson, by Bekim Bale (October 2009 Bartrim Bale x Amelia Bale) from the well bred, imported brood bitch, Droopys Hope* (September 2010 Ace Hi Rumble x Droopys Darjina), whose dam is by Droopys x Droopys Bridie (Top Honcho x Droopys Kristin).

Interesting double cross of Australian bloodlines in Droopys Hope's pedigree, through Australian bred Ace High Rumble (Brett Lee x Rumble Spirit) and Top Honcho (Head Honcho x Rainbow High) on the dam side.

Droopys Hope is from an outstanding litter, which included, Aero Lillie, Cronody Sophie, Droopys Charity, Droopys Harris and Droopys Xavier, who between them, won more than 80 races, with Droopys Hope racing 37 times for 14 wins and 17 placings, racing for the last time in April 2012.

Their dam, Droopys Darjina also has winners on file from each of her other litters, by College Causeway*, Mall Brandy* and Westmead Hawk.

Crash* litter

ASTUTE Potts Point breeder, Clay Mullens, has a nice litter of nine pups on the list this week by the Australian bred, 2010 Irish Stud Dog of the Year, Crash (April 2002 Brett Lee x Elusive Rebel).

Crash, whose breeding career has been in Ireland, is the sire of the 2010 English Derby winner Bandicoot Tipoki, and was himself the world 480m record holder (Horsham 26.88). He is from an outstanding litter, from a breeding point of view, his line including Carnage, Crystal Hill, Dazzling Jet, Melbourne Cup winner Hallucinate, Los Caballos, Steffi Grace, Vilasanti, and champion sire Where's Pedro.

Their dam, Elusive Rebel (Bobniak x Secret Bride) also produced winners from each of her five other litters, a second litter by Brett Lee, and litters by Collision, Elite State, Spiral Nikita* and Token Prince, with a number of successful stud dogs and brood bitches in her record.

Race A Chaser syndications

Clay's litter of five dogs and four bitches is from the very well bred bitch, Crash Model (February 2011 Collision x Clay Model) whose dam is by Bombastic Shiraz x Tarhooley Dooley (Rapid Journey x Awesome Alice) and worth recalling, Awesome Alice is by Awesome Assaassin x Alice Dooley (Barrantes* x Impish Dancer).

With the pedigree highlights of this litter going on forever, it is also worth looking at the breeding of Australian bred sire Barrantes (Curryhills Brute* x Bush Balad) whose dam is by Brother Fox from the 1987 Australian Cup winner, Drop Of Wine (Temlee x Leeander Mist (Gabriel Mist* x Leeander Lass).

Prospective buyers with future breeding in mind could not do any better than a bitch from this litter, that is if any are for sale, they would make a great foundation brood bitch to start your own breeding line with.

Crash Model raced 44 times for 10 wins and 16 placings, winning five times over 520m at Wentworth Park (29.87), twice over 520m at Dapto (30.47) and 520m at Bathurst (30.08) with one win over 515m at The Gardens (30.04).

According to my breeding records she has one previous litter on file, with five dogs and two bitches, whelped in January 2015 by Golden Easter Egg winner, now very successful sire, Cosmic Rumble.

Eight little Angels

NEXT we have a very well bred litter of eight pups, by Melbourne Cup winner, El Grand Senor (April 2008 Where's Pedro x Elgrando Gold), with the pedigree of these well bred youngsters having already been the subject of some detailed discussion this week, and yet another example of the old saying ‘the cream always rises to the top', which a lot of today's younger generation might not understand.

Registered by Bellbird breeder, Benjamin Sweetman, the two dogs and six bitches are from the beautifully bred, former WA bitch, Angel's Chorus (August 2012 Bekim Bale x Casey's Angel) whose dam is by Spiral Nikita* x Leprechaun Yap (Hotshot x Leprechaun Miss).

Angel's Chorus is from a very good litter of five named, which included All Strung Out, Anything Less, Tulare Dust and Yesterday's Wine, with their dam's other litters having already been discussed this week.

On the track, she didn't do that much racing by today's standards, with her 22 starts resulting in six wins and nine placings, winning five times over 530m at Cannington (30.60) where she also won over 642m (37.71).

This really is a beautifully bred litter, Benjamin, and in addition to the pedigree and the fact the dam was lightly raced, I like the dam's win and overall strike rate, with five wins over the tricky 530m, which finds a lot of dogs out over the last ten metres, and the fact she also won over 642m.

Lotto time

OUR final litter for review from this week's NSW list, has eight pups, by the well bred, six year old sire, Watto Lotto (April 2010 Bit Chili x Tittle Tat) whose dam is by Trewly Special x Tell Tall Tales (Master Havoc x Slick Queen).

Watto Lotto raced 135 times for 25 wins and 52 placings, winning 15 races over 515m at Wentworth Park (29.73), four over 513m at Richmond (30.68) where he also won three times over 618m (35.62) and also won over 515m at Bulli (29.22), 530m at Canberra (30.62) and 515m at Gosford (29.86).

He was a finalist in the 2012 Group 1 Peter Mosman Classic at Wentworth Park, and the 2013 Group 3 Canberra Cup, and well worth noting, very few greyhounds win 15 races at Wentworth Park, and break the 30 second barrier five times.

Luddenham breeder, John Callaghan, registered this litter of five dogs and three bitches who are from the well bred bitch, Just For Show (November 2012 Just The Best x Tina's Show) whose dam is by Late Late Show* x Berella Batina (Placard x Barella Xnadu).

She is from a litter which included Cardwell, Forward Pass, Just A Show, Just Like Tina and Photo Bomber, with their dam also having winners on file from each of her three other litters, whelped in November 2011 by Made To Size, August 2013 by Head Bound* and May 2014 by Made To Size again.

On the track she raced 43 times for five wins and 12 placings, winning twice over 431m at Ipswich (25.37) and also won over 410m at Cairns (24.02), 400m at Gosford (23.52) and 365m at Nowra (20.77).

From the mailbag ([email protected])

Harbourne pupCENTRAL COAST breeder, Loren Harborne sent us an email a couple of weeks ago with details of the arrival of her recent litter of seven dogs and two bitches, by Melbourne Cup winner El Grand Senor (April 2008 Where's Pedro x Elgrando Gold) from her well bred bitch, Winsome Courtney (February 2012 Bit Chili x Ramblin' Ruby) whose dam is by No Intent x Ruby Red Lips (Token Prince x Osti's Dream).

She is from a litter which included Winsome Annie, Winsome Benji, Winssome Henry, Winsome Jake, Winsome Max, Winsome Mitch, Winsome Tessie and Winsome Tommy.

Their dam, Ramblin' Ruby also has winners on file from both of her other litters, whelped in December 2010 and April 2013 by Where's Pedro.

Loren said in her email that it was the success of the April 2013 litter by Where's Pedro, which included Winsome Amanda, Winsome Bluey, Winsome Dan, Winsome Jacko, Winsome Jenny, Winsome Mission and Winsome Warrior who have won more than 50 races between them that led to the choice of El Grand Senor as the sire for this Winsome Courtney litter.

Winsome Courtney raced 37 times for four wins and six placings, winning twice over 520m at Dapto, and also over 520m at Wentworth Park (30.27) and 630m at Nowra (37.53) and it is worth noting that some of the pups from the litter will be for sale after registration and microchipping etc, around the end of May, or early June.

Thanks Loren for sharing the details of the litter for us and especially for the great photos you sent with the email, and as someone who has tried to hundreds of time over the years to get a good shot of greyhound pups, I can tell you these are great.

NSW Stud Service

DETAILS of stud services registered with GRNSW for the month of December 2015 have been released, and show that Barcia Bale and Fabregas were the most popular sires with breeders for the month with nine services each, followed by Dyna Double One and My Bro Fabio with six each, Banjo Boy, Dyna Villa, Fernando Bale, Jagger Swagger and Magic Sprite with four each, Cosmic Rumble and Kiowa Mon Manny* with three each, then El Grand Senor, Goodesy, Keybow, , Paddy Whacker*, Shakey Jakey, Spring Gun and Where's Pedro, with two each, completing the list of sires with dual services for the month.

Looking at the all important final full year figures for the whole of 2015, Fabregas tops the list with 86 services, followed by Barcia Bale with 73, Cosmic Rumble 51, Spring Gun 40, My Bro Fabio 32, Shakey Jakey 28, Banjo Boy 26, Magic Sprite 22, El Grand Senor and Lochinvar Marlow 18 each, Collision 15, Glen Gallon 13, Cape Hawke, Fernando Bale, Jagger Swagger and Kiowa Mon Manny* with 11 each, then Djays Octane*, Don't Knocka Him, Dyna Tron and Tomac Bale with 10 each, completing the list of all sires in double figures.

Let us now look at the full list of all sires with services registered in NSW for the full 12 months of 2015, in alphabetical order, with the two figures representing their services in December then the full year.

Able Seaman 0-1, Ace High Rumble 0-1, Addis Boy 0-1, Al Moran 0-1, Awesome Project 1-7, Banjo Boy 4-26, Barcia Bale 9-73, Bekim Bale 0-26, Belfast Johnny 0-2, Bella Infrared* 0-2, Big Bunga 0-1, Cool 0-1, Billy The Sid 0-1, Bit Chili 0-7, Black Bear Lee 0-1, Black Enforcer 1-2, Black Houdini 0-1, Black Magic Opal 0-2, Blazin Wildfire* 0-1, Bombastic Shiraz 1-1, Bookkeeper 0-1, Bralyn County
0-4, Brett Lee 0-5, Buck Fever 0-5, Bye Bye Bucks 0-3, Cape Hawke 0-11, Code 1-1, Collision 0-15, Cool Effort 0-1, Cool Satin 0-1, Cosmic Chief 0-3, Cosmic Rumble 3-51, Cracking Man* 0-5, Crash* 0-2, Defrim Bale 0-1, Destini Fireball 0-2, Did I Entertain 0-2, Disintergrate 1-7, Djays Octane 0-10, Don't knocka Him 0-10, Droopys Scholari* 0-1, Dyna Double One 6-8, Dyna Lachlan 0-4, Dyna Nalin
0-2, Dyna Steal 0-3, Dyna Tron 0-10, Dyna Villa 4-7, El Grand Senor 2-18, Elite State 0-5, Fabregas 9-86, Fancy Dean 0-4, Fernando Bale
4-11, Finlay 0-1, Flying Stanley* 0-1, Forty Twenty 0-1, General Destini 0-1, Glen Gallon 1-13, Goodesy 2-6, Hanify's Legend 0-1, Head Bound* 0-3, Hesa Felon 0-1, Heston Bale 0-1, High Earner 0-2, Hondo Black* 0-1, Hoover Boy 0-3, Hostile 0-2, Hot Price 0-1, Humdrum
0-2, Hurricane Luke 1-2, Innocent Til 0-2, Jagger Swagger 4-11, Jarvis Bale 0-9, Johnny Fire 0-2, Just The Best 0-1, KC And All* 0-3, Kelsos Fusileer* 1-1, Keybow 2-6, Kilty Lad 1-6, Kinloch Brae* 1-9, Kiowa Mon Manny* 3-11, Kiowa Producer* 0-1, Kiowa Sweet Trey* 0-2,
Knocka Norris 1-1, 1-2, Lochinvar Marlow 2-18, Luca Neveelk 0-1, Magic Sprite 4-22, Magnificent Osti 0-2, Milldean Panther* 0-5, Mogambo 0-4, Monster Jack 1-3, My Bro Fabio 6-32, My Boy Pedro 0-1, My Signature 0-1, Nitro Burst 1-3, Nolem 1-3, 1-9, Outa Credit 0-5, Paddy's Flame 0-1, Paddy Whacker* 2-5, Paw Licking 0-7, Premier Fantasy* 0-3, Prince Minto 0-1, Radley Bale 0-1, Raging Obsession 0-2, Razldazl George* 0-1, Regal Ricky 0-1, Regatta Bale 0-1, Regal Thyme 0-1, Rob Pines 0-1, Rocky Bale 0-2, Ronan Izmir, 0-1, SH Avatar 0-1, Shakey Jakey 0-28, Shifty Sticka 0-3, Smooth Fancy 0-7, Special Kid 1-2, Spring Gun 2-40, Spud Regis 0-3, Superman 0-3, Sure As 1-3, Surf Lorian 0-1, Swift Fancy 1-7, Take The Kitty 0-1, Taylors Sky* 1-4, Tomac Bale 0-10, Tuiaki
1-1, Turanza Bale 1-2, Vapour Whirl 0-1, Vee Man Vane 0-8, Velocette 0-3, Watto Lotto 0-2, Where's Pedro 0-1, Windy Millar* 0-1, Yahoo Omar* 0-1, and Zulu Zeus 0-9.

Looking back to 2014, briefly, the top 10 most popular sires in NSW for the full year were, Cosmic Rumble with 81 services, Barcia Bale 79, Fabregas and Swift Fancy 76 each, Spring Gun 64, Magic Sprite 56, Lochinvar Marlow 44, Shakey Jakey 46, Cape Hawke and Collision 33 each and El Grand Senor 31.

Bred to win

OUR first one to follow this week is the beautifully bred, fawn dog, Whodat Bangin' (May 2014 Don't Knocka Him x Shanlyn Rosey) who finished fifth from box 3 at his first start at Sandown (SAP) on April 17, beaten 15 lengths by Kimber Lodge (29.81) before finishing fifth again, from box one at Sandown SAP on April 24 behind It's A Buzz (29.60).

Raced by the Whodat Syndicate and trained for them at Tooradin by Amy Laterboom, he's still got a bit to learn but he is certainly bred to be far better than he's shown us to date and I'm betting on him improving very shortly.

EDDIE EAGLE (Black Dog, September 2014 Barcia Bale x Lara's Rock) finished sixth at Sandown (SAP at his first race start on April 24, beaten 13 lengths in the race won by Big Cold Burst (29.84). Raced and trained at Little River by James Psaila, he is sure to have benefited by that run and will improve shortly.

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