Shepparton To Revert To Twilight Racing

GRVGreyhound Rcing Victoria (GRV) have today announced that due to “dissapointing off-course turnover figures”, Shepparton greyhound meetings will revert back to their prior twilight racing timelsot.

Fo the past six months the Cranbourne and Shepparton clubs have undertaken a trial swap of racing timeslots. The trial, saw the Cranbourne Greyhound Racing Club moved from Monday night to Monday twilight and the Shepparton Greyhound Racing Club moved from Monday twilight to Monday night.

The trial was set to conclude witht he final nights racing at the end of July.

Whilst the GRV concede that the “results of the trial have been inconclusive”, the GRV’s Racing, Integrity and Infrastructure (RII) Department has decided that the timeslot changes will not extend past the six month trial period, citing “dissapointing off-course turnover figures”.

As of Monday 4th August, 2008, Cranbourne will return to the night timeslot and Shepparton will return to the twilight timeslot.

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