2008 Golden Easter Egg Semi Finals Open With A Cracker

This Saturday night's 2008 Golden Easter Egg Semi Finals have been thrown in to turmoil with 4 of the strongest chances all drawn against each other in Semi Final 1. With only two to advance to the $150,000 Group 1 final there will two very unlucky stories to tell no matter which way the chips fall.

The first Semi Final should be a very interesting race and a keen betting venture with 3 of the top 6 favourites in the Sportsbet pre post market plus our highlighted dog, Teaman Titch (Bombastic Shiraz x Call Me Donna) all drawn against each other and all drawn in the inside 5 boxes.

Race No. 32008 Golden Easter Egg Semi Final 120:07
Group 1 non grade event over 520 metres at
Of $6300 prizemoney. 1st $4,000, 2nd $1,200, 3rd $600, 4th $100, Unplaced runners $100


1Borat21812330.1630.25John Corruthers

2Fawn Hustler34473130.1330.13Robert Britton

3Tucklan Rebel48614230.4230.42Peter Toglas

4All Caution11754129.9729.97Darren McDonald

5Teaman Titch32111130.3430.34

6Engulf31287230.4330.43Troy Ebbeck

7Lorna Moira51524430.6330.34

843512330.2130.38Carly Absolom


10Aquin Lane51242430.4930.78Margaret Bannerman

This really revolves around All Caution (Collision x All Ages) and Fawn Hustler (Typhoon Tide x China Cruise) early. All Caution practically solo trialled last week leading all the way from box 3 and has been demonstrating a decided can't lead, can't win attitude at all his recent starts. He certainly has the pace to lead from box 4 but has the added complications of being boxed outside another of last week's led all the way winners, Fawn Hustler. This dog has again been fortunate to draw the inside of the track as his outside box from is ordinary at best, and the move from box 1 in the heat to box 2 should not present too many issues. Last week Fawn Hustler showed unusually good box pace to lead and a repeat performance would bring All Caution's chances undone, but Fawn Hustler himself does not have to lead to win and should get an ideal run from box 2 with the moderate beginning Borat drawn in box 1. Borat (Brett Lee x Chloe Jones) has just been thereabouts at all his recent starts in good company and I expect nothing will change that come Saturday night. Not the most brilliant of beginners, he will get a good run behind whoever leads but his last start 30.25 will not be quick enough to win this. The dog who will go around at good odds and is a live chance in this race is Teaman Titch. We've been very outspoken on our opinion of Teaman Titch and this dog has the talent to win this from his box 5 draw. Normally a very good and consistent begginer, he missed the start badly from box 6 last week and hopefully will begin better on Saturday night. If he begins and leads, he wins. If he misses it slightly again, he will need luck early as Borat, Fawn Hustler and Alll Caution will all be racing forward, but if he can avoid enough interference, he is the only dog in this race that can win it from back in the field.

Race No. 42008 Golden Easter Egg Semi Final 220:27
Group 1 non grade event over 520 metres at Wentworth Park
Of $6300 prizemoney. 1st $4,000, 2nd $1,200, 3rd $600, 4th $100, Unplaced runners $100


1Cool Effort41336330.7430.74Darren McDonald

2Paul Lee18216130.0830.08Keith Pedrana

3Merleen48715230.3030.39Jason Mackay

4Blazing Token46511230.1930.19Max Burdekin

5Eifell Azz36311130.0730.07Karina Britton

6Beverage47211330.3430.34Garry Williams

7Jack Dolly31656330.2430.46Ron Bell

8True Destiny11171230.0430.15Elizabeth Bont

9Paddy's Flame42341430.5330.53Peter Giles

10Run The Risk21728430.0430.53Pauline Moran

Race 4 Saturday night is Semi Final 2 of “The Egg” and if you find yourself needing to duck down the road for more beer or to reload the TAB account, then this would be the idel time to do it. Nothing in this Semi Final can win the final and the only dog from this that had a chance, Paul Lee (Brett lee x Goodoo Magic) is reportedly scratched and will not take his place. Cool Effort (Big Daddy Cool x Token Effort) has won lotto to start from the red box in this. The dog has an impeccable record of 5 wins from 5 starts in box 1 and it would be fair to say he tends to needs an “easy” transit in running to show his best. The draw probably gets him through to next weeks final but drawing the red again in the final will be his only hope. Others with hopes are Eifell Azz (Token Prince x Miss Eiffel) and True Destiny (Brett lee x Jillo Bale). As we mentioned in last week's preview of the heats, True Destiny is trained by Oakville's Liz Bont. Liz is a trainer that doesn't get an enourmous amount of public recognition but she is very astute and her greyhounds race very consistently, and for that reason I think True Destiny can overcome the outside draw here to make the finals.

Race No. 52008 Golden Easter Egg Semi Final 320:50
Group 1 non grade event over 520 metres at Wentworth Park
Of $6300 prizemoney. 1st $4,000, 2nd $1,200, 3rd $600, 4th $100, Unplaced runners $100


1Violet Crumble51376230.0930.09Stan Ralph

2Spring Smile51242230.3730.39Christine Oldfield

3Royal Touch31328330.1530.75

4Berella Diva45112330.4630.46Ron Ball

5One Tree Hill21623329.9130.27Robert Britton

6Roaring Lion3F213130.1130.11Wayne Vanderburg

7Lucky Alive41215330.1230.38Col Sherwood

8Wilodious Blues32561130.0130.01Richard Riley

936135430.3230.54Paul Galea

10Billy Bee Sting41242430.2530.59Barry Lazzarini

Semi Final 3 of the night is in my opinion the weakest of the semi finals and gives Wilodious Blues (Wilfred x Melodious Blues) the opportunity to continue the dream run for owners P Christiansen and A Bagnall, and trainer Richard Riley. Leading all the way in a career best of 30.01 last week, this little black bitch is the second oldest greyhound competing in the Semi Finals and has the pace and early toe to lead from box 8. Roaring Lion (Stately Bird x Crazy Habit) is the veteran of just 6 starts but was impressive last week running 30.11 and could be a chance to make the final. I'm banking there will be plenty of trouble in this race from the inside division, so the key to the race will be the dogs on the outside getting away well enough and staying wide enough to miss the interference.

Race No. 72008 Golden Easter Egg Semi Final 421:35
Group 1 non grade event over 520 metres at Wentworth Park
Of $6300 prizemoney. 1st $4,000, 2nd $1,200, 3rd $600, 4th $100, Unplaced runners $100


1Dana Gretel33138230.3530.35Rodney McDonald

2Mandagery Man11111229.9130.27Sam Sultana

3Sonador52413430.4130.41Amy Ralph

4Bungendore11411129.9430.25Selena Zammit

5Trew Millions41141230.4330.43Tina Womann

6Winoki33128130.1830.18Peter Giles

7Clair Maude41815129.6129.61Jason Thompson

8Bo Frazier31612330.2630.43David Geall

9Tiggerlong Go41573430.0430.49

1032321430.3330.80Barry Lazzarini

The last Semi Final has drawn several of the favourite chances to take out “The Egg' and looks the only race other than Semi Final 1 capable of providing the 2008 final winner. Sam Sultana's Mandagery Man (Token Prince x Eriskay) did just enough last week to qualify behind Clair Maude (Hallucinate x I'll Get By), although he was 10 lengths in arrears at the finish. Again this week, Jason Thompson's fawn bitch looks like holding the key to the race. Flying out from box 3, she never let up and solo trialled to run the best of the night, 29.61; which was some 4-5 lengths quicker than the next fastest greyhound. Not long out of 5th grade company, she was right on her game the other night and in hindsight had put the writing on the wall with two sub 30 second wins at The Meadows recently. As a bitch who does tend to hold form once she finds it, I expect her to be just too good again from her outside draw, leaving Mandagery Man, Sonador (Primo Uno x Dame Kiri), Bungendore (Go Wild Teddy x Floodline) and Trew Millions (Brett Lee x Chloe Jones) to race for second place and the final berth in the 2008 Golden Easter Egg.

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