2015 Group 3 Magic Maiden heat tips & betting preview

ELEVEN heats of the Group 3 Magic Maiden series will be contested at on Sunday night, with some of the next crop of future stars set to shine in the $25,000-to-the-winner series.

Race No. 1Ladbrokes Magic Maiden H6:01 PM
M event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $4,330 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,300 2nd: $700 3rd: $330.



2I’M FAMOUS47NBTJeffrey Eaton</div >

3MIAMI DEMON232230.58Leonard Studders</div >

4GAZMICK CHARLIE6NBTGarry Abernethy</div >

5FANCY WAZZANBTMark Arncliffe</div >

6DREAM MENDER3332NBTNeil Staines</div >


8NUCLEAR BARBECUENBTRussell Mansley</div >

9TIBET76X631.18Christopher Carl</div >

10SPRING VELOX7NBTDebbie White</div >

Should be an interesting series and there are some well bred and well credentialed pups set to do battle, on the punting front it will be a tough night and it will pay to be wary of the market movers. In the first heat it’s hard to look past the red Kihael Kaluna, he has recorded blistering times in his two performance trials at Bathurst over 450m and if he can handle the extra 70m he will take a power of beating.

Dream Mender is a member of a very good litter and she has shown talent in her brief career to date, she possesses early speed and if she rolls to the early lead she will give them something to catch.

Miami Demon is another with early toe and he should be in the mix for a long way, his last 40m is a worry but he should give a nice sight.

It might also be worthwhile keeping an eye on the betting with the pink, she is well bred and her trial time at The Gardens wasn’t too bad.

Top Four: 1 – 6 – 3 – 8

Race No. 2Ladbrokes Magic Maiden H6:24 PM
M event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $4,330 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,300 2nd: $700 3rd: $330.


1GUNNADOO ROCKER2NBTBenjamin Howe</div >

2CHECK VALVENBTAndrew Rowe</div >

3KEVRONBTKenneth Burnett</div >

4BAMBI ON ICENBTRodney Morley</div >

5REMEMBER IRENENBTJustin King</div >

6NIT NOI2233NBT</div >

7AVONDALE ASNBTBeau Hedley</div >

8ALKA CASEYNBTPeter Carr</div >

9RUBYS FURY8645NBTBenjamin Atkins</div >

10TAKAHI JOHN67NBTJoseph Bertinato</div >

There appears to be a few handy ones in this event and I’m going to give the edge to Kevro. He recently performance trialled around Richmond in a zippy 30.79 and if he can replicate that type of run he should give them something to catch.

Gunnadoo Rocker was smartly placed when on debut at Bathurst and prior to that he recorded smart times in two performance trials, from the red he should be able to hold a forward spot early and if he handles the first turn he will be in the finish.

Nit Noi has been placed in her four career starts and she is in good hands, the box draw is a concern but she should be able to run home into a place.

Remember Irene and Avondale As must also be respected, both have good trial form and Avondale As showed nice early speed in his trial win here.

Top Four: 3 – 1 – 7 – 6

Race No. 3Ladbrokes Magic Maiden H6:40 PM
M event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $4,330 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,300 2nd: $700 3rd: $330.


1DEAR DARCEYNBTJohn Ayoub</div >

2SCIENTIFIC7NBTZac Warat</div >


4TRIPLE BYPASS3233NBTBrad Pearce</div >

5SPEEDY MIONNBTMark Arncliffe</div >

6DIRECT JOELNBTBradley Barber</div >

7ZAMBORA DYNAMO22NBTAnthony Azzopardi</div >

8CATCH PHRASE6243NBTMarie Burton</div >

9FANCY PAUL7644NBTKeith Pedrana</div >


Dear Darcy showed good speed in his trial placing at Bathurst and he only went down by two lengths in good time. The red draw is a big advantage tonight and if he holds them out early he may dash away and steal the prize mid race.

Speedy Mion trialled around Richmond in a very impressive 30.80 and if he can avoid early bother he will be right in the finish, he is in capable hands and he is bred to show smart early speed.

Tommy’s Terror has shown great early speed in his trials and he will give a nice sight, however he is likely to get tired in the run home, he is a must for your exotic bets.

Zambora Dynamo is an interesting runner, he commenced his career with two solid placings in Victoria but after a long layoff he produced a cracking Trial run at Richmond. He could be the one if there is a strong betting move.

Keep an eye out for Winsome Warrior if he gains a run, has tremendous talent and will fire if he starts

Top Four: 1 – 5 – 7 – 3

Race No. 4Ladbrokes Magic Maiden H7:00 PM
M event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $4,330 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,300 2nd: $700 3rd: $330.


1TRICKSTER LUMIK224231.52Michael Eberand</div >

2BREAKING MADNBTToby Weekes</div >

3SNEAKY SNOOKY54NBTLeon Bozovitch</div >

4CRANKSHAFT432NBTNeil Falls</div >

5SHADY ACE572230.38Garry Edwards</div >

6PRINCESS SOPHIANBTNeville Brown</div >

7CICATRIZNBTPeter Carr</div >

8BIFFLENBTJustin King</div >

9KUNAMATATA46NBTMichael Blissett</div >

10KITTY CASH7443NBTBenjamin Atkins</div >

Shady Ace has been luckless in her brief career to date but she has shown a heap of potential. She was recently placed in a maiden final here and prior to that she beat Ritza Hattie in a trial at Bulli in 26.38. She can do things wrong at box rise but if she comes out she will take a power of beating.

Crankshaft is the likely leader and he will definitely give them something to catch. Last time out he showed slick early speed and it took the promising Unaffordable an eternity to reel him in. If Shady Ace happens to find bother I would expect him to take advantage and he will get away with the prize.

Breaking Mad recorded a speedy 30.15 in a trial here recently and he is in capable hands, if he can avoid early bother he should be able to make some type of impact.

It will also pay to keep an eye out for Kunamatata, he has brilliant trial form and he could feature if he gains a start.

Top Four: 5 – 4 – 2 – 1

Race No. 5Ladbrokes Magic Maiden H7:20 PM
M event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $4,330 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,300 2nd: $700 3rd: $330.


1STEELY SAPPHIREX82NBTStephen Bell</div >

2NESTA NO CRY531.28George Borg</div >

3ELITE BLUE CHEVYNBTDarren Sultana</div >

4BEKIM CASEYNBTPeter Carr</div >

5WINSOME AMANDA277NBTMelinda Finn</div >

6FRAUDULENTNBTJustin King</div >

7MILLDEAN FOCUSNBTAndrew Bayliss</div >

8FANTASTIC BLAZE3NBTJason Fletcher</div >

9KITTY CASH7443NBTBenjamin Atkins</div >

10BLACK BEAR LEEXNBTRuth Matic</div >

This heat is one of the stronger heats and it’s hard to separate a few of them. I’m giving the edge to Milldean Focus, he broke the 30 second barrier in a trial at Dapto and he followed that effort up with a slick 30.09 trial. The wide draw is a bit of a worry but he should be able to get across and into a commanding position.

Fantastic Blaze is in good hands and she also recorded a slick 30.09 trial effort at Nowra, she has shown a great turn of foot in her trials to date and she should come across with the seven early and settle in a prominent spot.

Fraudulent has turned in two handy trial efforts and he has enough speed to lead if he gets away cleanly, whilst Winsome Amanda could be the one to watch, she is in a very strong kennel and a member of a highly talented litter, she is resuming after two months and she should be primed for a bold showing.

Black Bear Lee will likely start favourite if he gains a start, he recently trialled here in 29.93, so be careful when investing if he gains a run.

Top Four: 7 – 8 – 6 – 5

Race No. 6Ladbrokes Magic Maiden H7:42 PM
M event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $4,330 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,300 2nd: $700 3rd: $330.


1WINSOME DORANBTMelinda Finn</div >

2NITROUS ICENBTRodney Morley</div >

3ETOILE D’ORNBTLeonie Bown</div >

4PRINCE GEE423XNBTChristine Proctor</div >

5MARTINI GIRLNBTJohn Marshall</div >

6PRIVACYNBTGarry Williams</div >

7CRAZY NITRO4NBTAnthony Azzopardi</div >

8MISS SWEETNESS333330.82Adam Campton</div >

9SLIGHTLY SWEET58530.95Luke Azzopardi</div >

10GOOD ODDS DEBBIE848NBTFrank Hurst</div >

Privacy trialled at Goulburn in November in a very impressive 25.77 and after a few months off he came back and trialled here in a more than handy 30.20. In his trial here he posted 5.51 to the first marker, if he can reproduce that type of effort that should be enough for him to get across and score.

Winsome Dora is a member of the powerful Finn kennel and she has shown smart early speed in her two trials, from the red she should settle in a prominent spot and she should make an impact.

Prince Gee at times has shown talent in his brief career and he appears suited in this event as it isn’t one of the stronger heats.

Crazy Nitro is another who is in good hands and it will be worth watching for any betting moves, he was soundly beaten on debut at Temora but it might pay to forgive that run.

Top Four: 6 – 1 – 4 – 7

Race No. 7Ladbrokes Magic Maiden H8:05 PM
M event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $4,330 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,300 2nd: $700 3rd: $330.


1MIAMI TRAMP2NBTLeonard Studders</div >

2ZIPPING MEG24NBTMartin Hallinan</div >

3WINSOME ANNIE2366NBTPatricia Chaker</div >

4PRINCE OMARNBTMark Gatt</div >

5STOLEN KISSESNBTJohn Ayoub</div >

6FANCY MICK3534NBTKeith Pedrana</div >

7SERENA FLY HIGH725631.32Amy Bennett</div >

8SURFING PRINCE422731.02Christopher Carl</div >

9SPRING VELOX7NBTDebbie White</div >

10BLUE SQUIRREL87NBTElizabeth Bont</div >

Zipping Meg turned in an almighty performance when on debut at Shepparton in February and she gave every indication that the rise up to 500m will definitely be in her favour. She hasn’t boxed well to date but she does have a great turn of foot and she should put herself into contention as they go through the first turn.

Prince Omar is the obvious danger and he looks a lock for the quinella spot, he is a member of the powerful Mark Gatt kennel and he caught the eye with a sizzling 29.86 trial win here last week. They appear to be the only two chances, however Stolen Kisses appears to have a fair bit of pace and she could run a cheeky race at odds.

Top Four: 2 – 4 – 5 – 7

Race No. 8Ladbrokes Magic Maiden H8:27 PM
M event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $4,330 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,300 2nd: $700 3rd: $330.


1GOOD ODDS RICK236230.69Frank Hurst</div >

2FOREVER IRIS6633NBTRuth Matic</div >

3ZIPPING KEITH2X43NBTTrevor Jones</div >

4KEEP IT DARK5332NBTTia Robertson</div >


6PROMPTNESSNBTJeffrey Mooney</div >

7REICHENBACH24NBTMichael Eberand</div >

8REDLINE OVERKILL430.92Michael Hodges</div >

9WHITE STAR746730.72Matthew Bozovitch</div >

10AMAZING PEARL7NBTAlan Tutt</div >

Reichenbach had recorded some very fast trial wins at Bulli prior to his two race defeats and I’m expecting him to turn in a great effort tonight. He is armed with good early speed and there doesn’t appear to be a lot of depth in this event so he should get all the breaks.

Sanbona has shown good signs in her two trials to date and she should settle in the top two of three early, she only went 30.53 when winning her trial but I would expect her to improve on that run and a small improvement would see her fight out the finish.

Good Odds Rick has the good draw and he has been placed in four of his five starts to date, from the red he should be thereabouts for the entire trip.

Top Four: 7 – 5 – 1 – 6

Race No. 9Ladbrokes Magic Maiden H8:47 PM
M event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $4,330 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,300 2nd: $700 3rd: $330.


1AQUA PHOENIXNBTTia Robertson</div >

2AJITA573430.68Alan Tutt</div >

3QUEEN AUDREYNBTCarole Eaton</div >

4DESTINY’S DYNAMO2333NBTSusan Sundstrom</div >

5WALLAN BABYNBTAllan Woods</div >

6YOU’RE THE MANNBTToby Weekes</div >

7TAKAHI MAX2322NBTJoseph Bertinato</div >

8THOR’S DEVILNBTPeter Carr</div >

9MAKENTON JAG584531.15Christopher Carl</div >

10MISS TARZAN867230.46Matthew Bozovitch</div >

Aqua Phoenix has come up with the good draw and she posted impressive sectionals when winning a trial here a couple of weeks ago. She should have no trouble leading tonight and there doesn’t appear to be anything with a huge amount of talent in this race.

Queen Audrey should match motors with the red for most of the journey and she will be more than competitive, if you reversed the draws she would probably be my top pick.

Wallan Baby posted a very quick 22.67 in a trial at The Gardens in February and if she can handle the rise in distance she should take home some prize money.

Thor’s Devil rounds out the chances, she has trialled well here and at Dubbo and both of those trials were over this distance range.

Top Four: 1 – 3 – 5 – 8

Race No. 10Ladbrokes Magic Maiden H9:10 PM
M event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $4,330 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,300 2nd: $700 3rd: $330.


1HEARD ‘EM SAY4388NBTChristopher Carl</div >

2EMERLEY ICE272NBTJoseph Mcfadyen</div >

3TAKAHI GEORGE2NBTMark Gatt</div >

4PHIXIUSNBTJohn Marshall</div >

5ZIPPER POWER7552NBTRussell Mansley</div >

6PRINTER’S INK6NBTCaroline Hughes</div >

7COSMIC SHOWERNBTJohn Howson</div >

8SAME TRICK TWICE4528NBTBarry Howell</div >

9BLACK BEAR LEEXNBTRuth Matic</div >

10FANCY PAUL7644NBTKeith Pedrana</div >

Takahi George showed a great turn of foot when placed at Dapto when on debut and if he can step cleanly he should lead for a long way again. This isn’t an overly strong heat so if you can get around $2.50 or better that could be value.

Emerley Ice is an SA chaser and she trialled very quickly at in February, she has been a little wayward in her three race starts but she does appear to have a fair bit of talent.

Printer’s Ink had very little luck when on debut at Sandown and he was fairly well supported in that event, if he can begin a little better tonight he should be able to make his presence felt at the finish.

Once again if Black Bear Lee gains a start he will be short odds and most likely score.

Top Four: 3 – 2 – 6 – 1

Race No. 11Ladbrokes Magic Maiden H9:32 PM
M event over 520 metres at Wentworth park Of $4,330 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,300 2nd: $700 3rd: $330.


1COSMIC PLAYNBTJohn Ayoub</div >

2ZIPPING NORA53430.80Trevor Jones</div >

3PAUA SHOT27NBTRobyn Goodwin</div >

4DOWN EVERY ROADNBTMelinda Finn</div >

5LORD GOLEC5NBTMichael Eberand</div >

6COSMIC WONDER245330.69John Mooney</div >

7LAUREN KASEY62NBTBrent Ryan</div >

8SCRAMBLE6X2430.53Craig Chappelow</div >

9AMAZING PEARL7NBTAlan Tutt</div >

10TIBET76X631.18Christopher Carl</div >

Down Every Road is in good hands and he is a member of a highly talented litter. He recently trialled around Bulli and posted a sizzling 26.36 and if he can avoid early bother tonight he should get every chance to lead throughout and I would expect him to post impressive sectionals.

Scramble is armed with early speed and he was solidly placed here two runs back, he isn’t overly strong but his fitness will get better with more racing and he should run a cheeky race here.

Paua Shot led for a long way when placed at on debut and he should be in the mix throughout again tonight.

Lord Golec rounds out the chances, he trialled well at Bulli in early February and he appears to have a fair bit of early toe.

Top Four: 4 – 8 – 3 – 5

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