NSW seeking professional trainers to sit on injury panel

Nsw greyhound racing

The NSW & Commission () is seeking expressions of interest from professional NSW to expand its list of trainers who participate on the .

The Commission's Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr , said the is the first of its kind in the greyhound racing industry, with a fundamental purpose of better understanding the underlying causes of racing injuries.

“We have been operating this panel for over a year now and have received valuable contributions from a number of professional trainers in NSW,” Dr Ledger said.

“The panel meets monthly to analyse the contributing factors in relation to serious and catastrophic race injuries and works to develop and implement preventative measures that will reduce the rate and severity of injuries to racing greyhounds.

“All catastrophic injuries or deaths at NSW tracks are subject to a detailed case by case review by the Panel.”

In its review, the Panel identifies and analyses all contributing factors to each case which could be training-related, race-related, track-related or greyhound-related. Causal factors also considered could include race factors, such as collisions and falls, the greyhound's racing history, breeding and genetics, training influences, previous injuries, track conditions, environmental influences, etc.

The Panel is chaired by the Commission's Chief Veterinary Officer and includes:

  • The Commission's Chief
  • A member of the Greyhound Industry Committee and/or other independent expert
  • Nominated representative/s from
  • Professional greyhound trainer appointed by the Commission
  • Any such expertise as the Chair deems appropriate.

“A representative pool of professional trainers is invited to sit on the panel on a rotating basis, and I thank those trainers who have been participating on the panel so far,” Dr Ledger said.

“More trainers are being sought as they can bring a unique perspective on the preparation and exercise regimen of racing greyhounds, and the history of rearing practices, spelling, treatments and nutritional aspects.”

To be considered for the panel, trainers must meet the selection criteria.

GWIC Injury Panel Selection Criteria

  • Local NSW trainer for at least five years
  • Professional greyhound trainer
  • No previous welfare rule breaches or convictions
  • No recent (two years) prohibited substance rule breaches
  • Regularly races at, at least three different tracks in NSW
  • Involved in breeding or rearing would be an advantage
  • Passionate about improving the welfare outcomes in the greyhound industry and ensuring the sustainability of the industry
  • Concerned with improving public confidence in greyhound racing through transparency
  • Amenable to working alongside GWIC and GRNSW to achieve a reduction in the incidence of racing injuries
  • Able to put aside self-interest and work co-operatively and represent all trainers and the greyhound industry's best interests

Expressions of interest will close on 31 May 2020.

For more information on the selection criteria, visit the Commission's website.

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2 years ago

So the devils that have raced these poor greyhounds on hurt legs and have kept racing them, this l know as the poor abused greyhounds rescued had so badly damaged legs, could never let them run around the back yard even. One had 5 dead babies inside her. Ban this bloody abusive entertainment now. My blood boils at the abuse trainers and uncaring onwners care only for the money . Too many of these dogs have been discarded. These people only want the money that’s made. Why anvil bothering you people are the Same, only interested in the money side… Read more »