Talking breeding: Al Moran litter catches the eye

THIS week's review of litters selected from the Victorian Litter Registrations list for the week ending July 13, starts with a nice litter of eight pups by the well bred, little known sire, Al Moran (August 2016 Brett Lee x ), whose dam is by Exceptional x Semaphore (Placard x Honcho Whiz).

Registered by Ararat breeder, Shaun Perry, the litter of three dogs and five bitches are from the very well bred bitch, Lyla Mel (February 2012 Where's Pedro x Modern Mel), whose dam is by Modern Assassin x Sayonara Dancer (Token Prince x Alaskan Dancer).

She is from a handy litter, which included Beatrice Mel, Don't Tell Mel, Rhythm King, Rio Rita, Wes Mel and Where's Gazman, with their dam, Modern Mel, also producing winners from her three other litters, by Bit Chili, Phoenix Ice and Prince Diablo.

On the track she raced 41 times for three wins and 18 placings, winning over 515 metres at Gosford (29.86), 530 metres at Potts Park (30.53) and 535 metres at Richmond (30.94) and worth noting she was placed five times over 520 metres at Wentworth Park.

Bred by Russell Mc Crae, Al Moran is from a litter which included Allez Bijou, Annapolis, Especially and Sign's Of Lee, with their dam, Special Sign, also producing winners from her two other litters, whelped in December 2009 by Where's Pedro and April 2012 by Collision.

On the track he raced 96 times for 37 wins and 26 placings, and stakes of $102,923, winning six times over 525 metres at The Meadows (30.10), three times over 515 metres at Sandown (29.82), three times over 425 metres at Bendigo (23.75), where he also won three times over 500 metres (28.00), four times over 350 metres at Healesville (19.48), where he also won three times over 300 metres (16.67), twice over 520 metres at (29.88), where he also won over 460 metres (25.96), twice over 450 metres at Warrnambool (25.63), twice over 545 metres at Ballarat (30.98), where he also won over 450 metres (25.46), twice over 480 metres at Horsham (26.98), twice over 520 metres at Cranbourne (30.63), twice over 450 metres at Shepparton (25.53) and also over 513 metres at Traralgon (29.74).

Ready to Rumble

NEXT we have another litter of eight pups, this time by the Golden Easter Egg winner, now huge stud success, Cosmic Ruble (April 2007 Spiral Nikita* x Spiritual Rumble).

Registered by Geoffrey Kenna, for the Southwood Park Syndicate, the five dogs and three bitches are from the beautifully bred bitch, Southwood Alice (March 2012 Premier Fantasy* x Lady Juma), whose dam is by Where's Pedro x Juma County (Awesome Assassin x Lynishia Star) and worth recalling, Lynishia Star is by x Leprechaun Miss (Shining Chariot x National Dingaan).

Southwood Alice is from a litter which included Beljay Fantasy, Fluke Of Fantasy, Occupation Lad, Southwood Dennis, Southwood Magic and Southwood Pluto, with their dam, Lady Juma, producing winners from both of her other litters, whelped in June 2010 by Paddy's Flame and May 2011 by Melbourne Cup winner, Lord Ducal.
On the track she raced 50 times for seven with and 13 placings, winning three times over 400 metres at Geelong (22.79), three times over 425 metres at Bendigo (24.36) and also over 390 metres at Ballarat (22.92).

Voodoo litter

EURO SOLUTION Syndicate manager, Gregory Dwyer, has a litter of eight pups on the list this week by multiple 1 winner, Kilty Lad (January 2009 Superman x Sisco Train).

Kilty Lad won the Group 1 Adelaide Cup, Group 1 Silver Chief and Group 3 Cannington Young Stars Classic, and was a finalist in the Group 1 Hobart 1000 and Golden Easter Egg.

The litter of seven dogs and one pup are from the well bred bitch, Deja Voodoo (March 2010 Collision x Magic Maisy), whose dam is by Just The Best x Fi's Comet (New Tears x Fiery Comet).

She is from a very good litter of nine named, which included Black Maze, Control, Dollstan Deal, Dollstan Grace, Dollstan Lad, Dollstan Magic, Free To Enter and Mr. Bohannan, witb their dam Magic Maisy, also having winners on file from her other three litters, two by Bond and the other by Primo Uno, with quite a number of them racing at Group level.

She raced six times in Victoria for one win, at Cranbourne over 520 metres (30.92) before going to West Australia where she did the majority of her racing. Upon retirement her race record showed 101 starts for 17 wins and 21 placings, winning 15 times over 490 metres at Mandurah (27.56), and she also won over 530 metres at Cannington (30.92).

According to my breeding records she has one previous litter on file, two dogs and two bitches, whelped in March 2015, by Bekim Bale so she certainly has some well bred youngsters on the ground.

Two Kinloch* litters

Victorian litter registrationsTWO litters on the list this week by the popular international sire, * (August 2005 Craigie Motown x Greys Free Style) who is fourth on the Victorian Metropolitan Sires list, found elsewhere in this week's Talking Breeding.

The first of the two litters, registered by Anakie breeder Sean Cachiia, the three dogs and one bitch, are from the very well bred,versatile track bitch, Ima Fairytale (June 2012 Superman x Bronie Blue Bell), whose dam is by Primo Uno x Royal Footprints (Royal Assassin x Fiery Footprints).

She is from a very good litter, which included Girthy, Ima Screw Loose, Kick Like Mick, Naughty Lee, Super Bronie and Walk Away, with their dam, Bronie Blue Bell, also producing winners from her four other litters, by Dyna Lachlan, Lochinvar Marlow, Meticulous and Trewly Special.

She raced 81 times for the handy record of 20 wins and 21 placings, winning six times over 515 metres at Sandown Park (29.41), where she also won twice over 595 metres (34.13) and once over 715 metres (41.98), four times over 600 metres at The Meadows (34.18), where she also won three times over 525 metres (30.11), with single wins over 520 metres at Geelong (29.87), 660 metres at Bendigo (37.66), 450 metres at Warrnambool (37.42) and 450 metres at Ballarat (25.64).

Tatura breeder, Maxwell Auld, has the other Kinloch Brae* litter, which is five dogs and four bitches, from the beautifully bred bitch, Sassy Road (March 2012 Hondo Black* x ), whose dam is by Primo Uno x Proven Tops (Awesome Assassin x Proven Kani).

She is from an exceptional litter which included Black Traminer, Catalyst, Hooksy, Untraceable and Winfield Sammy, who were all winners, with their dam also producing some very good winners from her four other litters, whelped in July 2009 by Premier Fantasy (included Bella Profit, Midnight Fantasy, Ursula and Witch Hunt), July 2010 by Knocka Norris, February 2011 by Dyna Lachlan (included Danato, Jannik, and Real Vain) and March 2013 by Cosmic Chief (included Maddy Moustache, Uno Seoul and Uno Suzie).

She raced three time in Victoria for two placings before going to New Zealand, with her overall race record showing 36 starts for 11 wins and 15 placings, with six wins over 527 metres at Auckland (30.43), and three wins over 457 metres at Waikato (25.94), with additional wins over 520 metres at Wellington (29.85) and 520 metres at (30.12).

According to my breeding records she has one previous litter on file, six dogs and two bitches, whelped in December 2014 by National Sprint Championship winner, Fabregas.

Eleven for Nolen

OUR final litter for review from this week's Victorian list is a nice litter of eleven pups by the well bred, under-rated sire Nolen (November 2009 Collision x Brooklyn Belle).

Registered by GT Fast Syndicate manager, Tony Gordon, the five dogs and six bitches are from the beautifully bred bitch, Fiery Ann (January 2011 Velocette x Lee Joy), whose dam is by Brett Lee x Winsome Joy (History Lesson x Winsome Dollars).

She is from a litter of only two named, which included Ninja Backman, with their dam, Lee Joy having another six named offspring on file, from two previous litters, by Dyna Lachlan and Elite State.

Fiery Ann raced 52 times for nine wins and 14 placings, winning three times over 300 metres at Healesville (16.72), where she also won three times over 350 metres (19.51), twice over 450 metres at Shepparton (25.70) and also over 525 metres at The Meadows (30.65).

NSW Whelping Report

TURNING our attention to the NSW Whelping Report for the two weeks ending March 31, our first litter selected for review, is one of eight pups by the beautifully bred, promising stud prospect, Banjo Boy (April 2011 Vee Man Vane x Off Springer).

The five dogs and three bitches, registered by Molong breeder, Augustus Weekes, are from the beautifully bred bitch, Glitzy Bling (October 2011 Dyna Lachlan x Miss Bling), whose dam is by Spiral Nikita x Skullring (Phantom Fire x Clan Lass).

She is from a litter which included Bizarre Bling, Captain Bling, Empanada, Foxy Bling and Gypsy Bling, with their dam, Miss Bling also producing good winners from litters by Bekim Bale, Bit Chili, Elite State and Where's Pedro.

Glitzy Bling was lightly raced, with just 20 starts for seven wins and three placings, winning three times over 515 metres at Launceston (29.84), twice over 461 metres at Hobart (26.07) and also over 520 metres at Cranbourne (30.51) and 460 metres at Warragul (26.75).

She has two previous litters on file, two dogs and three bitches, whelped in February 2015 by Fabregas, and two dogs and six bitches, whelped in September 2015 by High Earner.

Ten for Chantilly

NSW litter registrationsNEXT we have a nice litter of ten pups, registered by Pheasants Nest breeder, Mark Gillies, by Bekim Bale (October 2009 Bartrim Bale x Amelia Bale).

The six dogs and four bitches are from the beautifully bred bitch, Sweet Chantilly (January 2010 Pure Octane x Black Chantilly), whose dam is by Brett Lee x Floodfawn (Awesome Assassin x Floodgate).

She is from a litter of two, her dam's third Pure Octane litter, which included Omega Tara, with their dam's other litters, two by Pure Octane, one by Premier Fantasy* and the other by Surf Lorian, all producing winners.

On the track, Sweet Chantilly raced 53 times for 12 wins and 11 placings, winning eight races at Casino, four over 411 metres (23.05) and four over 484 metres (27.42), with additional wins over 407 metres at Grafton (23.30), 420 metres at Tweed Heads (23.76) and 420 metres at Lismore (24.19), where she also won over 520 metres (30.32).

According to my breeding records, she has one previous litter on file, five dogs and three bitches, whelped in November 2014 by Cosmic Rumble, registered by Wilton breeder, Paul Bunyon.

13 pups in Don't Knocka Him litter

GUNNING breeder, Jodie Lord, has a litter of 13 pups on the list this week, by 2012 Golden Easter Egg winner, Don't Knocka Him (November 2009 Knocka Norris x Surf Queen).

The eight dogs and five bitches are from the well bred, imported bitch, Storm Rush USA* (September 2009 Kiowa Mon Manny x Sizzler Drive), whose dam is by TNT Star Wars x Essie Ecks Drive (Molotov x Ebegeebe Drive) who is a litter sister to Soprano Drive* who has had winners here.

Sizzler Drive, dam of Storm Rush USA, has five other litters on file, with an outstanding win percentage, by Cayman West, Dark Storm Drive, Fuzzys Cannon, Kiowa Mon Manny, and Trent Lee, with at least fifteen individual winners who have won ten races or more.

Storm Rush USA* has one previous litter on file, seven dogs and three bitches, whelped in May 2015 by Banjo Boy, and with thirteen pups in this latest litter, I would suggest there will be plenty of interest from prospective buyers.

Another above average litter

NOW we have a litter of 11 pups, registered by Catherine Field breeder, Neville Brown, by well bred, consistent stud success, Swift Fancy (November 2007 Collision x Flash Fancy).

The eight dogs and three bitches in the litter are from the beautifully bred bitch, Joy The Weapon (June 2010 Talk's Cheap x Shireen's Habit), whose dam is by Trendy Leigh x Crazy Habit (Malawi's Prince x Lauren Maree) and worth remembering, Lauren Maree is by the great imported stud success, Grove Whisper* x Lauren's Desire (Brother Fox x Genuine Replica).

Joy The Weapon is from a litter which included Blu Spartacus, Ima Sweet Talker, Miami Thunder and Zaconie, with the consistent producing dam Shireen's Habit, also producing winners from her other litters, by Black Enforcer, Closing Argument, Cosmic Rumble, El Galo, Late Late Show* and Premier Fantasy* (which included the under-rated proved stud sire, Tuiaki, Nicholas's Habit and Fantasy Parade).

Joy The Weapon raced 27 times for three wins and eight placings, winning twice over 618 metres at Richmond (35.87) and also over 720 metres at Wentworth Park (42.89).

She is already a successful producer, with her first litter, whelped in March 2014 by Swift Fancy, including, Baldcrew, Battle Station, Daisy The Weapon, Hoosh Nar, Katie The Weapon, Naughty Nathan, Struggle Street and Tommy The Weapon.

Yahoo Omar* litter

Grove WhisperOUR final litter for review this week from the NSW list is a one of 10 pups by the highly rated, international sire, Yahoo Omar* (March 2007 Lonesome Cry x Pin Oak Vicki).

Registered by Bargo breeder, Lorraine Perrin, the five dogs and five bitches are from the beautifully bred bitch, Double Adapto (September 2011 Hallucinate x Bananarama), whose dam is by EA's Itzaboy* x Cheeky Intent (Birchgrove Tiger x Full Intent), and worth recalling, Birchgrove Tiger is by Grove Whisper* x Victoria Bale (Peter Glider x Winifred Bale).

Double Adapto is from a litter which included Encosta Deplente, Pyjamarama and Thunder Rama, and their dam has also produced winners from her three other litters, by Collision, Dyna Lachlan, and Yahoo Omar* and worth noting her litter by Yahoo Omar* included Aerial Blitz, prolific winner Adderley Reform, Discombulated, It's The Vibe, Magic Rama, Prince Omar, Russian Reign and Sandon Stunna.

On the track she raced 24 times for five wins and six placings, winning three times over 298 metres at Traralgon (16.80) and also over 311 metres at Cranbourne (18.05) and 300 metres at Healesville (16.91).

Included with this review, is a rare photo of the great imported stud success, Grove Whisper* (February 1985 Whisper Wishes x Grove Road) who has had an enormous influence on the Australian breeding industry over the 20 years, and regular readers will know how many times his name comes up in litter reviews in this column every week or so.

Victorian Metropolitan Sires List

THE Victorian Metropolitan Sires list for the seven months to the end of July, sees Barcia Bale on top with 117 wins, followed by Cosmic Rumble 101 wins, Magic Sprite 95 wins, Kinloch Brae* 74 wins, then Dyna Tron, Turanza Bale and Collision all with 64 wins each.

Cosmic Rumble was the top sire for July with 16 wins, ahead of Barcia Bale with 14 wins, then Magic Sprite and Collision, both with 13 wins each, and with Barcia Bale leading by 16 wins with five months remaining, we could be in for a very close finish come year's end.

Looking at the list after deducting midweek and Sunday provincial stake meetings, the top five are Bekim Bale 63 wins, Magic Sprite 61 wins, Cosmic Rumble 55 wins, Turanza Bale 45 wins and Kinloch Brae* 44 wins.

Just outside the top 20 at the end of July, with 14 wins each are College Causeway* , David Bale and Nolen with 14 wins, followed by Stagger and Djays Octane* 13 wins each, Oaks Road, Razldazl George* and Buck Fever 12 wins each, Kilty Lad, Bobby Boucheau, Dyna Steal, KC And All* and Milldean Panther*, 11 wins, then Lochinvar Marlow and Razldazl Jayfkay* 10 wins each.

Top sires for the month of July were as follows:

Victorian Sires ListCosmic Rumble (April 2007 Spiral Nikita* x Spiritual Rumble) 16 wins 4 wins Bruce Tycoon (x New Year's Punch). 2 wins Alpha Demeter (x Queen Of Cyprus), Alpha Hermes (x Queen Of Cyprus) and What Planet (x Go Mini Mouse)
1 win Crackerjack Choc (x Lizzie's Memory), Dewana Babe (x Wildcard Lass), Dewana Express (x Wildcard Lass), Dewana Special (x Wildcard Lass, Invictus Road (x Miss Feisty), Midwinter (x Tania Two Shoes), Satin Ice (x Tania Two Shoes) and Shark Fever (x Sharka Nova).

Barcia Bale (March 2010 Go Wild Teddy x Princess Bale) 14 wins 2 wins Dream Of Fire (x Dream Chic), Dundee Calypso (x Crown Poker), Kumbia Lass (x Wiradjuri Girl) and Celica Bale (x Really Gunnarock). 1 win General Romulus (x Rybenbrook Belle), Headline (x Raya Riot), Hurry Slowly (x Chasin The Dream), Mister Brown (x Disturbia), One For Me (x My Secret Shiraz) and Ritza Lenny (x Lagoon Lowanna).

Magic Sprite (March 2008 Brett Lee x Glamorous) 13 wins 2 wins Rippin Hayne (x Chevy Princess) and Ultimate Magic (x Daydream). 1 win Bag Of Magic (x Nova Surf), Cry Later (x Reign Of Terror), He's So Good (x Audacious Elle), Funky Pirate (x Really Elite), Mepunga Joffa (x Mepunga Kirsty), Rippin Rose (x Chevy Princess), Rosie Sprite (x Elusive Fantasy), Rippin Tay Tay (Chevy Princess) and Tear It Down (Jayla Rogue).

Collision (August 2001 Awesome Assassin x Rumble Spirit) 13 wins 3 wins Blanco Canyon (x Miss Bel Air). 2 wins Bel Air Mist (x Miss Bel Air) and Cawbourne Looney (x Teflon Tommy). 1 win Andrea Doria (x Ritza Flame), Aston Amon (x Aston Elle), Cavalcade (x Miss Bel Air), It's A Fling (x It's A Blur), Left Pocket (x Sizzling Osti) and Myrniong Star (x Gotta Be Fancy).

AGRA Breeding Bankings

BREEDING rankings released by AGRA for the seven months to the end of July show that Fabregas leads the way on the Sires list with 632 points, followed by Kinloch Brae* 570, Magic Sprite 531, Barcia Bale 470, Nitro Burst 254, Collision 253, Cosmic Rumble 219, Where's Pedro 205, Bekim Bale 196, Brett Lee 166, Smooth Fancy 143, Spring Gun 141, Lochinvar Marlow 132, Turanza Bale 131, Big Daddy Cool 130, Don't Knocka Him 128, High Earner 115, Buck Fever 110, El Grand Senor 109 and Premier Fantasy 109.

On the Brood Bitch list, Flying Liddy is on top with 17 points, followed by Teddy's Jackpot and Jackie's Capri on 16 points each, Aston Dream 15, Donna Ricca and Crystin Bale 15, West On Bluebird, Dyna Gala, Chevy Princess and Unfinished 12, Dundee Rose, Mrs Trickett and Jaydo's Neglect 11, then Tina's Show, Light Fantastic, Regal Silver, Kara Janx and Fancy Jaffa on 10 points each.


at Lang Lang last Sunday saw a ten event program, highlighted by the running of the GOTBA Cup, taken out in fine style by the trained, Better Than This (October 2013 Knocka Norris x Father Of Mine) who was too good for Collect (March 2013 Fabregas x Nalima), trained by Trevor Anlezark.
The main support event was the All Aged Stake, and here we saw a change of luck for Trevor Anlezark with Sultan (March 2013 Fabregas x Nalima) proving too good for the Geoffrey Scott Smith trained, Dundee Raptor (December 2013 Fabregas x Dundee Rose).

The other main support event was the One Limit Stake where talented city class chaser Levensbeat Bevan (February 2014 Vee Man Vane x Potomac), trained at Pearcedale by Geoffrey Howell, was too good in the final, defeating promising coursing bitch Angel Ice (December 2013 Kippy Kya x Nice One), trained by Donna Dean at Nyora.

Winners of the remaining races on the program were: Panther Grit (Bekim Bale x Juliet Bale), Johnnie Red (Spring Gun x Allez Bijou), Banjo Barbie (Banjo Boy x Paris Valentino), Ido Voodoo (Head Bound* x Surf Queen), Noonbarra Joe (Cosmic Chief x Blue Juice), Mo Keeping (Cosmic Rumble x Indigo Gem), and Tangoette (Vee Man Vane x Potomac).

The final event of the 2016 Coursing season will be the two day Waterloo Cup meeting at Lang Lang on August 20-21, where the main event will be the $12,970 to the winner Waterloo Cup, for 64 all aged greyhounds, with preference given to greyhounds with previous coursing form.

Support events will feature the Waterloo Plate and Waterloo Purse for greyhound run out in the early rounds of the cup, with the usual Puppy and Maiden events on the Sunday. Enquiries to NCA Secretary – Sue Delaney (03) 9740 0444 or President – Peter Craig 0418 399 911.

Bred to Win

LEVENSEAT BEVAN (Black dog, February 2014 Vee Man x Potomac). Trained at Pearcedale by Geoffrey Howell, he impressed winning three courses, including the final at last Sunday's coursing meeting at Lang Lang and he could be headed for the Waterloo Cup next. Has shown plenty of ability of the track with 23 starts for three wins and 10 placings, winning over 400 metres at Warragul (22.99) and twice over 350 metres at Healesville (19.35 and 19.53). Watch out for him when he steps out on the track next.

JOFFA'S OLD GIRL (Black bitch October 2014 * x Mepunga Lana). Six starts for a win over 450 metres at Warrnambool and three placings before last start fifth from box 4 at The Meadows (MEP) August 3, beaten 9 lengths in the race won by Tommy's Tune (30.81) who won by five lengths. Nice type who will improve with experience, trained at Lara by Simone Fisher.

SUNSET OASIS (Fawn bitch, August 2014 Elite State x Soul Oasis). Trained by Peter Dapiran at Northwood and had 8 starts for 2 wins and 2 placings, before last start third, from box 1 at The Meadows (MEP) August 3 in the race won by Gassed Up Devil (30.95), beaten 2.5 lengths. Improving type, worth following.

Vale Lionel Kraemer

Greyhound racing in Victoria lost one of its' finest gentlemen last week with the passing on popular Cranbourne identity Lionel Kraemer. Lionel's smiling face was a regular fixture at most meetings in the area, including coursing, where he was a long time committee member at Lang Lang.

His smiling face and willingness to help, advise, or just have a chat will be missed by all. Sincere synpathy to his partner Cath, and all family.

KRAEMER. Lionel Helmut. Passed away peacefully on Thursday Aug. 4, 2016 aged 71 years after a short illness. Much loved partner of Cath, father of Shane and Melanie, much loved grandfather. Respected stepfather of David, John, Mark, Paul and families. Loved and remembered always.

KRAEMER. Funeral Prayers for the Repose of the Soul of Mr Lionel Kraemer will be offered at St Agatha's Catholic Church, 129 Sladen Street, Cranbourne on TUESDAY (Aug. 16, 2016) commencing at 11.00 am. At the end of the service a burial will take place at the Cranbourne Cemetery.

Next Week

NEXT week we will have an update on the Victorian Stud Service figures, special coverage of the two day Waterloo Cup coursing meeting at Lang Lang, and our usual review of litters from both Victoria and New South Wales, along with any news that comes in through the Mailbag.


Got a question on any of our sires and brood bitch lists, maybe on Coursing, or want to send us news on a litter you've just bred, or any greyhound racing related question, simply email me at [email protected]

We are particularly interested in hearing from Queensland breeders about their litters, after we have still not received any response from Racing Queensland in regards to our request for information.

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