Talking Breeding: Cosmic litter ready to rumble

THIS week's review of litters from the Victorian Litter Registrations list for the week ending August 10 starts with beautifully bred litter of six pups by the 2010 Golden Easter Egg winner, Cosmic Rumble (April 2007 Spiral Nikita* x Spiritual Rumble).

The two dogs and four bitches, registered by What Four syndicate manager, Raymond Brew, from Camperdown, are from the beautifully bred bitch, Miss Harmony (October 2011 Premier Fantasy* x Mepunga Harmony), whose dam is by Pure Octane x Mepunga Shiraz (Black Shiraz x Benji's Babe).

She is from a 100% winning litter of six named, which included Madi Monster, Mepunga Armagh, Mepunga Fearon, Mepunga Marsha and Whatta Brew.

Their dam, Mepunga Harmony also produced winners from her three other litters, whelped in June 2012 by Bekim Bale, March 2013 by Fear Zafonic* and December 2013 by Barcia Bale.

On the track, Miss Harmony raced 63 times for 13 wins and 22 placings, winning four times over 390 metres at Warrnambool (22.17), where she also won three times over 450 metres (25.33), twice over 450 metres at Ballarat (25.42), twice over 410 metres at Horsham (23.60), where she also won over 480 metres (27.45) and won over 500 metres at Bendigo (28.42).

At the Double

Victorian litter registrationsNEXT we have a litter of six pups by the recently retired, champion sprinter, Dyna Double One (March 2013 Barcia Bale x Crystin Bale), who was crowned 2015-16 AGRA Australian Greyhound Of The Year during the recent National series in South Australia.

Registered by Cranbourne South breeder, , the five dogs and one bitch are from the beautifully bred, proven producer, Sweet Julia (October 2008 Brett Lee x Miss Amberbee), whose dam is by Bobniak x Lovely Portrait (Head Honcho x Famous Portrait).

Sweet Julia is from a litter of only two named, which included Renman, with their dam producing a long list of good winners from her six other litters, by Black Enforcer, Bombastic Shiraz, Elgrando, Time Fly's and Waterview Star, for a total of 31 named offspring from seven litters.

On the track, Sweet Julia did all of her racing in Tasmania, having 16 starts which resulted in five wins and six placings, winning twice over 461 metres at Hobart (26.14), twice over 452 metres at Devonport (25.85) and also over 515 metres at Launceston (30.07).

She is already a proven producer with winners from both of her litters, Julia Fly's was the only pup in her first litter, whelped in April 2012 by Time Fly's), who raced 78 times for 12 wins and 28 placings, then all three named in her August 2013 litter by Kinloch Brae* won good races, Gardsman, Lawman and Spokesman, with those first two litters bred by Karen Leek at Devon Meadows.

Elite litter

NOT too many litters around these days by the outstanding sire, (April 2001 Just The Best x Spark Again) but he has a litter of five pups on the list this week, registered by Dennington breeder, Leslie Johnson.

The three dogs and two bitches are from another beautifully bred bitch, Miss Promiscuous (December 2008 Collision x Elle Bingle), whose dam is by Larkhill Jo* x Steffi Grace (Brett Lee x Elusive Rebel).

She is from a litter which included Closing Speed, Drill And Blast, Greysynd Rush, Lara Bingle, Mr. Trixstar and Super Bingle, with their dam, Elle Bingle having two other litters on file, whelped in December 2007 by Surf Lorian, with one named, and September 2009 by Bombastic Shiraz, with five named.

Miss Promiscuous raced 57 times for six wins and 11 placings, winning twice over 390 metres at Warrnambool (22.38), with single wins over 390 metres at Ballarat (22.78), 400 metres at Warragul (23.06), 300 metres at Healesville (17.11) and 425 metres at Bendigo (24.34).

She has two named offspring, Mr. Prom and Okay Alpha, from her January 2014 litter of three dogs and two bitches, by Barcia Bale, with an early win from Okay Alpha.

Hear the drums

TOOLLEEN breeder, Daniel Pell, has a nice litter of eight pups on the list this by the recently crowned , Fernando Bale (March 2013 Kelsos Fusileer* x Chloe Allen).

The three dogs and five bitches in the litter are from the very well bred, lightly raced bitch, Ritza Flare (November 2009 Where's Pedro x Midnight Flare), whose dam is by Spiral Nikita* x Midnight Drama (Go Wild Teddy x Ready To Rise).

She is from a handy litter which included, Flame, Midnight Snapper, Ritza Franky, Ritza Mitza, Ritza Night, Ritza Ryder and Wild Midnight, with their dam, Midnight Flare, also producing winners from her four other litters, whelped in August 2010 by Brett Lee, November 2011 by Bombastic Shiraz, February 2013 by Nitro Burst and June 2014 by Bella Infrared*.

Ritza Flare only raced 11 times for four wins and two placings, winning three times over 520 metres at Dapto (29.81) and also over 535 metres at Richmond (30.80).

She is a proven producer, with winners from her first litter, of nine named, whelped in August 2014 by Collision, then she whelped a litter of three dogs and seven bitches, by , in March 2015.

Fancy That

OUR final litter for review from this week's Victorian list, has eleven pups, by the well bred, under-rated sire, Swift Fancy (November 2007 Collision x Flash Fancy.

Registered by Warrnambool breeder, Brett Healey, the seven dogs and four bitches are from the well bred bitch, Thomeli Diamond (July 2009 Premier Fantasy* x Mepunga Diamond) whose dam is by Brett Lee x Mepunga Anna (Tonight's Wish x Mepunga Silk).

She is from an excellent litter, which included Fantasy Diamond, Mepunga Fantasy, Mepunga Geordie, Mepunga Nicky, Mepunga Premier, Talanjee Magpie and Zimmer, with their dam also producing good winners from her two other litters, whelped in August 2008 by Bombastic Shiraz and April 2010 by Big Daddy Cool.

Thomeli Diamond raced 33 times for nine wins and ten placings, winning three times over 410 metres at Horsham (23.43), where she also won over 480 metres (27.48), twice over 460 metres at Geelong (26.22), twice over 600 metres at The Meadows (34.78),and also over 450 metres at Warrnambool (25.49).

She has two named offspring, Talanjee Stiff and Thomeli Roar, both winners, from her first litter, whelped in March 2013 by Cosmic Rumble, along with a litter of five dogs and five bitches, by Kinloch Brae* whelped in May 2015 and another litter, of four dogs and four bitches by Djays Octane* whelped in March 2016, so she certainly has some well bred youngsters on the ground.

NSW Whelping Report

NSW Whelping reportTURNING our attention to the NSW Whelping Report for the week ending April 30, our first litter for review is one of 10 pups by the little used, well bred sire, Able Seaman (April 2009 Over Flo x Dyante Gee), whose dam is by Kobble Creek (Gun Law Osti x Trojan Tears), from Gemma Gee (Ben's Perfection x Our Legend).

Registered by Kearsley breeder Patricia Groizard, the five dogs and five bitches in the litter, are from the well bred bitch, Crystal Halo (October 2011 Elite State x Its Shine Maybe), whose dam is by Bit Chili x She Be Nimble (Silent Emotion x Nimble Queen).

She is from her dam's only litter, of four named, which included It's Sine Elite, Sparkling Zoom and Supreme Simmo, and on the track she raced 55 times for 10 wins and 13 placings, winning three times over 328 metres at Muswellbrook (18.78), twice over 400 metres at The Gardens (23.09), and twice over 280 metres at Wentworth Park (16.29), with single wins over 400 metres at Maitland (23.05), 314 metres at Taree (18.25) and 315 metres at Goulburn (18.02).

Able Seaman is from his dam's second litter, which included Bob's Admiral, Cricket, Edgar Gee, Hi Diddle and Rose Bay Roxy, after their dam, Dyante Gee's first litter, whelped in June 2008 by Eiffella, had nine named.

On the track, he raced 85 times for 10 wins and 31 placings, winning six times over 400 metres at The Gardens (22.60), twice over 429 metres at Muswellbrook (25.13) and twice over 400 metres at Gosford (22.81).

Fancy litter

WEDDERBURN breeder, Trevor Rice, registered our next litter for review, which has seven pups by successful sire, Fancy Dean (January 2009 Where's Pedro x ).

The three dogs and four bitches are from the well bred, proven producer, Kayla's Dream (October 2008 Slater x Amarossa), whose dam is by Go Wild Teddy x Precious Diamond (Malawi's Prince x Gem's Delight).

She is from her dam's only litter of four named, which included Bourke And Wills, Mister Defusion and Points North, and on the track she raced 41 times for six wins and nine placings, winning five times over 365 metres at Nowra (21.04) and also over 297 metres at Dapto (17.66).

Her first litter, whelped in December 2013 by Swift Fancy, has five named, Blue Dream, Calm Dream, Kayla Rossa, Peaceful Dream and You're Dreaming, all winners, then she has a litter of four dogs, whelped in November 2014 by Glen Gallon.

Robyn's Freak litter

NEXT we have a litter of six pups, registered by Lewiston breeder, Robyn McKellar, by the successful US sire, Flying Stanley* (January 2005 Kiowa Sweet Trey x Flying Rimes).

The one dog and five bitches are from the well bred bitch, Geek Freak (December 2007 Bombastic Shiraz x Osti's Delight), whose dam is by History Lesson x Stunning Osti (Light Of Fire x Enchanted Osti).

Geek Freak is from a litter of three named, which included Like A Bomb and Osti's Moment, with their dam producing winners from her five other litters, by Collision, Go Wild Teddy, Hallucinate, Premier Fantasy* and Where's Pedro.

On the track she did all of her racing in South Australia where she raced 38 times for eight wins and 10 placings, winning five times over 515 metres at (29.96) and three times over 531 metres at Gawler (31.03).

She has one named offspring, Dashing Geek, whelped in April 2014, then she whelped a litter of two dogs and two bitches in April 2015, by Barcia Bale.

Two Kinloch* litters

WE complete this week's review of litters from the NSW list, with two litters by international stud success, Kinloch Brae* (August 2005 Craigie Mo Town x Greys Free Style), whose sire is by Molotov (HB's Commander x Mystic Rose) and dam, by Fortress (I'm Slippy x Exception).

Wedderburn breeder Timothy Gaines has the first of the two litters, which has two dogs and five bitches, from the very well bred bitch, Deanne's Fantasy* (December 2011 Premier Fantasy* x Where's Tobin), whose dam is by Where's Pedro x Miss Beeslee (Collision x She Sprant).

She is from a litter which included, Harper Rose, Noble Fantasy, Premier Dancer, Premier Mozz, Stitch Up, Tuktu and Watch Out Traps, with their dam also producing winners from each of her four other litters, by Cosmic Rumble, Kinloch Brae*, Lochinvar Marlow and Tuiaki.

On the track, Deanne's Fantasy did all of her racing in New Zealand, where she raced 39 times for 12 wins and 11 placings, winning seven times over 520 metres at Christchurch (30.42), where she also won over 645 metres (38.48), three times over 545 metres at Otago (32.58) and also over 457 metres at Southland (26.53).

She has one previous litter on file, with six dogs and two bitches, whelped in July 2015, by Just The Best.

Lee-Anne Sugars, from Voyager Point has the other Kinloch Brae* litter, which has two dogs and three bitches, from the well bred bitch, Sweet Pose (September 2010 Bombastic Shiraz x Bit Sweet), whose dam is by Solve The Puzzle x Chili Berger (Elle's Commando x Alice Dooley).

She is from her dam's second Bombastic Shiraz litter, which included Boom Boom Shiraz, Kikem Abit, Shangburt and Sweet Bomba, with the first litter, whelped in January 2009 producing, Bombay Bay, Greysynd Honey, Greysynd Sugar, Lidcombe Llanga, Lil' Bit Sweeter, Mr. Devious, Punchy Ryno and Sneaky Wilson, then she also has a very handy, May 2011 litter on file, by High Earner, which produced Kikem High, Dominator Girl, Fuze Box, Kikem Shilling, Launnie Rocket and Sansa.

Sweet Pose is a proven producer with winners from her first litter, whelped in January 2014, by Magic Sprite, which produced Cawbourne Kristy, Dancing Pose, Diva Pose, John Snow Lives, No More Debt, Purple Flash and Sassy Pose.

AGRA Australian Greyhound of the Year

At a gala AGRA Awards night held at the InterContinental Hotel in Adelaide, South Australia, the Australian Greyhound Racing Association last Friday night announced Dyna Double One the winner of the 2015-2016 AGRA Australian Greyhound of the Year.

It was a night of nights on the National scene with Delegates and club members coming together from all over Australia to celebrate the AGRA Awards night.

It was the second time Greyhound Racing SA has hosted the Awards night. The last was back in March 2011. This year led by CEO and his extremely competent team, GRSA hosted the Awards night in the beautiful InterContinental Ballroom.

The Awards night now takes place with the National Championships in August each year. It was another night to remember and a glittering affair. Each State that has staged the event since 2006, have gone to great lengths to put on an outstanding show, with GRSA no exception.

New South Wales owned & Victorian trained sprint sensation Dyna Double One won the Greyhound the Year. He defeated four other finalists Fernando Bale, who was last year's winner, No Donuts, Dalgetty and Zambora Brockie.

The winner was selected by panel of judges consisting of administrators and media representatives from each state. The panel was asked to allocate votes 3, 2 and 1 to the three finalists in order of each judge's preference in a secret vote.

Accepting the award from GRSA's Chairman Michael Fabbro, Paul & Jan Wheeler accepted the award on behalf of their son Brendan the owner of Dyna Double One. They remarked on what a fantastic experience it had been for the Wheeler family following the fortunes of Dyna Double One throughout the year. His battles with kennelmate Fernando Bale had been sensational, with Dyna Double One taking the upper hand in the Melbourne Cup final, followed by more Group 1 wins with his famous kennelmate on the sidelines and retired.

DDO had travelled far and wide competing in many major group events throughout the year thrilling crowds where ever he racing and had truly become the sports pin up dog with enormous popularity particularly in his home state of Victoria where he did most of his racing.

Dyna Double One's achievements during 2015-2016

Dyna Double One (March 2013 Black Dog (Barcia Bale – Crystin Bale)

Race starts: 2015-2016: 30 – 18 wins, 4 seconds, 5 thirds.

Owner: Brendan Wheeler. Trainer: Andrea Dailly (Corio, Victoria)

Winner: Group 1 Melbourne Cup, Group 1 Brisbane Cup, Group 1 Australian Cup, and Group 1 Rookie Rebel.

Finalist: Group 1 Maturity Classic (2nd); Group 1 Top Gun (3rd); Group 1 Winter Cup (2nd); Group 1 Hobart 1000 (6th); Shoot Out (3rd); Group 3 Cranbourne Puppy Classic (3rd).

Total Career Prizemoney: $1,160,316.

The previous winners of the AGRA Australian Greyhound of the Year are 2002 Boomeroo, 2003 Bombastic Shiraz, 2004 Whisky Assassin, 2005 Pure Octane, 2006 Betty's Angel, 2007 Flashing Floods, 2008 El Galo, 2009 Cindeen Shelby, 2010 El Grand Senor, 2011 Dyna Tron, 2012 Miata, 2012-2013 Miata, 2013-2014 Xylia Allen and 2014-2015 Fernando Bale.

NSW Metro Sires List

NSW sires listOUTSTANDING stud success, Magic Sprite (March 2008 Brett Lee x Glamorous) exerted his authority again in August, with another 10 Wentworth Park wins taking his total to 99 for the eight months to the end of August.

He leads the race to the 2016 Premier NSW Metroplotan Sires title by 51 wins over second placed, Spring Gun who has 48 wins, followed by Collision with 44 wins, Where's Pedro with 38 wins, and Barcia Bale with 31 wins completing the top five.

Just outside the top 20 at the end of August with eight wins each are Oaks Road, Turanza Bale, Big Daddy Cool and Surf Lorian, who are followed on seven wins by Dyna Lachlan, six wins each by Nitro Burst and Premier Fantasy*, then five wins each by Fear Zafonic*, Goodesy, Mogambo, Sure as and Miagi.

Winners for the top August sires were as follows:

Magic Sprite (March 2008 Brett Lee x Glamorous) 10 wins

2 wins Sweetwater Boy (x Winning Shiraz). 1 win Ellini Banner (x From Somewhere), Good Odds Bricky (x Punk Angel), Illusionary (x Kellmarg), Knight Sprite (x Jaydo's Neglect), Melissa's Pride (x Cindeen Shelby), Rubelly Magic (x Lagoon Smylee) and Spider Gleeson (x Cool Senorita).

Collision (August 2001 Awesome Assassin x Rumble Spirit) 6 wins

1 win Benteke (x Pearl Napoleon), Extreme Whip (x ), Midnight Kate (x Midnight News), Old Timer (x Midnight News), One Thing (x Midnight News) and Prevail (x Provoked).

Spring Gun (June 2009 Bombastic Shiraz x Ready For Rain) 5 wins
2 wins Magic Spring (x Fascinate Marina). 1 win One Samuel (x Fascinate Marina), Tiggerlong Dot (x Tiggerlong Petal) and Winsome Spring (x Winsome Charlee).

Where's Pedro (April 2002 Brett Lee x Elusive Rebel) 5 wins
2 wins Cardiology (x Amnesia). 1 1 win Ritza Rossi (x Midnight Queen), Vintage Rox (x Vintage Blend) and Wicked Pedro (x Bit Sassy).

Bred to Win

PRODIGAL SON (Black dog, June 2014 Collision x Wynburn Diamond). Trained at Tooradin by Jodie Selleck. Eleven starts for 1-1-2 in Tasmania before coming to Victoria where his first start, over 515 metres at (SAP) September 4, from box four, saw him beaten nine lengths in the race won by Tinker Bob (29.79) who won by five lengths. Previous four starts in Tasmania before coming over resulted in a 461 metres Hobart win and a 600 metres placing at Launceston. Has plenty of ability and still maturing.

JOE MAMA (Black dog, July 2014 Bekim Bale x One Kay). Trained at Botanic Ridge by Graham Nicoll. Five starts for two placings, Healesville 350 metres, then The Meadows 525 metres (MEP) and fifth over 525 metres at The Meadows, before finishing fifth over 515 metres at Sandown (SAP) on September 4. From box three he was only beaten 3.24 lengths in the race won by Little Miss Emm (30.42). Sure to improve with more experience.

COSMIC TILLY (Fawn bitch, September 2014 Cosmic Rumble x Dewana Savanna). Trained at Devon Meadows by Carly Feltham. Only raced six times for one placing, before last start third from box two, Sandown 515 metres, September 4 (SAP), beaten 3.5 lengths in the race won by Vostok (30.02). Improving with experience and not far off a win.

Next Week

NEXT week we will have the Victorian Metropolitan Sires list for the eight months to the end of August and our usual review of litters, from Victoria and New South Wales, along with any news that comes in through the Mailbag.


Got a question on any of our sires and brood bitch lists, or want to send us news on a litter you've just bred, or any greyhound racing related question, simply email me at [email protected]

We are particularly interested in hearing from Queensland breeders about their litters, after we have still not received any response from the authority there in regards to our request for information.

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lone widow
lone widow
7 years ago

In race 4 at Townsville gallops today 15/09/2016 there was a horse called ‘Miata’ that ran last.

I think it’s disgusting that the horse racing authorities can name their lot after a champion greyhound hall of famer.