Talking breeding: Long overdue stats from South Australia

FOLLOWING discussions with Caralyn Fielden at Greyhound Racing South Australia, we are pleased to say we will now be featuring regular monthly whelping reports from South Australia.

This week's first monthly report from South Australia covers all litters notified to GRSA which were whelped in February this year, with a total of seven litters with 29 pups at an average of 4.1 per litter.

Our first litter for review from the February Whelping Report from SA is four pups, registered by Hallet Cove breeder, Brendan Gottschutzke. Through the wonders of modern science, the pups are by a dog who would now be 26 years old — US sire EJ's Douglas* (pictured) (December 1990 Hey Vern x Abigail Girl) — who had some strong influence on the breeding scene here over the past 20 years, from limited opportunities.

The one dog and three bitches in the litter are from the well bred bitch, Eustace Diamond (March 2008 Surf Lorian x Coulta Sandy) whose dam is by Rapid Journey x Coulta Diamond (Shining Chariot x Bandit's World).

She is from a litter of three named which included I'm A Player and Surfing Sandy, with their dam having eight other named offspring on file, from litters whelped in November 2006 by Kiowa Sweet Trey* and July 2007 by Bombastic Shiraz.

On the track, Eustace Diamond raced 69 times for 15 wins and 24 placings, winning 10 races over 515m at Angle Park (30.03) and three over 531m at Gawler (31.08) where she also won twice over 400m (22.76).

South Australian whelpingShe has two previous litters on file, with some good winners from the first litter, whelped in May 2013 by Lochinvar Marlow, which produced, Dantes Spirit, Golly Pardon, Lizard Spock, Rochelle, Southern Tiger, Thrice Penny, Vegas Fund and Wheel Spinner.

Her second litter, whelped in November 2014, by Oaks Road has four dogs and two bitches, with one named to date, Pavlova, who was due to have her second start at Angle Park on Wednesday this week.

The top rated Australian offspring of EJ's Douglas, according to are, Renzo's Bale, Ceejay's Vixen, Vodeena Bale, Cronin Bale, Advertising, Ceejay's Magic and Darold Bale.

Vodenna Bale (November 1996 x Bonita Bale) has probably been the most influential of his offspring here in Australia, producing 10 litters, with 40 named offspring, from matings to, Awesome Assassin, Bitability Bale, Black Enforcer, Bobniak, Elle's Commando, Gun Law Osti, Head Honcho, Stately Bird, Token Prince and Wigan Bale.

Amongst the winners from her July 1999 litter by Gun Law Osti I noticed Riverlee Bale, who produced winners at stud from limited opportunities, and there are a lot of daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters of EJ's Douglas out there with winners to their name and I could have spent a whole day and filled this week's whole column with their stories.

Certainly is an interesting litter Brendan, and I for one will certainly be following the progress of these well bred youngsters, especially the three bitches, in coming years.

Two Fabregas litters

NEXT on the SA list this week we have two litters by National Sprint Champion, now successful sire Fabregas (October 2010 Bombastic Shiraz x Wicked Witch) who is still five months off his sixth birthday.

Lewiston breeder, Kenneth Gill has the first of the two Fabregas litters, which has four dog pups, from the beautifully bred, proven producer, Liza Brown (September 2006 Token Prince x Isa Brown) whose Australian Cup winning dam is by Fortified Speed* x Goddess Of Fire (Light Of Fire x Tranquil Flame).

Liza Brown is from a litter which included, Drageda, Isa Perkin, Isa Shady, Prudence Brown and Shonky Shaw, with their dam also producing winners from her five other litters, by Collide, EJ's Douglas*, Spiral Nikita*, Surf Lorian and Waterview Star.

On the track, Liza Brown raced 15 times for two wins and two placings, winning twice over 531m at Gawler (31.24) with placings over 515 and 600m at Angle Park.

She has winners on file from each of her three previous litters, all bred at Two Wells by and whelped in September 2010 by Falcon, September 2012 by Vee Man Vane (which included Oz Striker, She's So Vain, and Viscount Vane) then January 2014 by Lochinvar Marlow, with four named, all winners, Brando Brown, Lachlan Brown, Marlow Brown and Vincent Brown.

Hindmarsh Valley breeder, Kirin Corby, has the other Fabregas litter, which has four dogs and five bitches, from the smart metropolitan winner, Wikena (July 2008 Surf Lorian x Corrumbene Lass) whose dam is by Prince Of Tigers x Moonambel Liz (Fox Hunt x Moonambel Ebony).

Wikena is from a litter which included Ollaxon, Quicksilver Blues, Tunkalilla, Walpinga Lass, Yiki and Yoshi Blue, with their dam also producing winners from both of her other litters, whelped in January 2004 by Primo Uno and December 2005 by Big Daddy Cool.

On the track, Wikena raced 33 times for the very good record of 12 wins and 10 placings, winning 10 races over 515m at Angle Park (29.77) five in sub 30 second times, with two wins over 531m at Gawler.

She has one previous litter on file, unfortunately only the one dog and one bitch, whelped in April 2014, by Cosmic Chief, with the dog pup, Harbormaster having raced eight times to date for five wins, all over 515m at Angle Park, 29.63, 29.76, 29.61, 29.87 and 29.68 which is certainly an impressive start for him that should create plenty of interest in this litter.

Victorian litters

Victorian litter registrationsTURNING our attention to the Victorian Litter Registrations list for the week ending April 11, we begin with a nice litter of eight pups registered by Kongorong breeder, John Little, by multiple Group race finalist, Addis Boy (April 2001 Token Prince x Fantasy Fortune), who won the Gosford Cup, made six group race finals and held three track records in his career.

The two dogs and six bitches are from the well bred bitch, Camo's Prinny (March 2010 Regal Thyme x Camo's Dollars) whose dam is by Gable Lafourche* x Miss Red Head (Acacia Ablaze x National Worth).

Camo's Prinny is from a litter of two named, which included Camo's Lucky, with their dam only having one other litter on file, whelped in November 2008 by Black Enforcer, with three named, Camo's Bluedoll, Camo's Dollforce and Camo's Forcer.

On the track she raced 67 times for seven wins and 19 placings, winning five times over 512m at Mt. Gambier (30.10) where she also won twice over 400m (23.53).

Addis Boy is from a litter which included Dallaretto Dame, Golden Ambrose, Night Prince and , with their dam having six other named offspring on file, two each from three litters, by Black Shiraz, Placard and Proper Tears, whelped from 2002 – 2004.

On the track he raced 41 times for the very good 19 wins and 11 placings and according to my breeding records he has 533 named offspring, with his best, according to being Varga Frost, Addis Jay and She Rocks (all NZ), Paddy Roxon, Punk Angel, Cradoc Park, Midnight Mumma, Spirited Girl, Addis Express, Black Astro Boy, Addis Sunset, Country Maestro, She's Our Jewel, Cook's Express, Rabbitoh Pete, Addsun, Dicky Flyer, Jokin' Jack, Smite, Summer Jet and Perfect Timing.

Certainly plenty to like about the breeding of this litter John, I do like the pedigree of the dam Camo's Prinny, I think Addis Boy has done pretty well as a sire considering the limited opportunities he has had.

Would you like Ice with that?

NEXT we have a litter of eight pups, registered by Dandenong North breeder, David Willcocks, by the beautifully bred sire Ice Trucker (March 2010 Bombastic Shiraz x Greys Lemon Ice) whose imported dam is by Gable Dodge x Greys Freeflight (Fortress x Greys Julianna).

The four dogs and four bitches in the litter are from the well bred bitch, Senorita Abbi (February 2012 El Grand Senor x Abbi Taylah) whose dam is by x Lady Kero (Big Ginger Boy x Malawi's Pearl).

She is from a litter of six named, which included Abbi's Princess, Best Song Ever, Comprado, Senor Pear and Senorita Pear, with their dam's only other litter on file, three named, Abbi's Boy, Abstar and Moorabbi, whelped in April 2011 by Where's Pedro.

Senorita Abbi raced 37 times for three wins and eight placings, winning over 390m at (22.31), where she was placed over 390 and 450m, 590m at Bulli (33.97) and 618m at Richmond (35.93) where she was also placed over 535 and 618m and also placed over 400m at Geelong.

Ice Trucker is from a very good litter which included Cloak Of Gold, Dream Rattler, Dude Rancher, Ice Mover, Kansas Moonlight, Kansas Turnpike, Lemon Ice, Motivator Missy and Tregar Tastic.

Their dam also has winners on file from each of her three other litters, whelped in June 2011 by Dyna Lachlan, August 2012 by Where's Pedro and September 2013 but her first litter, by Bombastic has been by far the most successful to date, although I will be more interested in seeing what her daughters produce in the coming year.

On the track, Ice Trucker raced 86 times for the excellent record of 27 wins (31.3%) and 30 placings (overall 66.2%), winning on 12 different tracks, from 298m to 525m.

He won six times over 298m at Traralgon (16.79), four times over 400m at Geelong (22.48), three times over 390m at Warrnambool (21.95), twice each over 515m at (30.08), 390m at Shepparton (22.02), 311m at Cranbourne (17.61), 390m at Ballarat (22.23), 410m Horsham (23.31) and also over 525m at The Meadows (30.59), 440m at (25.03), 425m at Bandigo (24.16) and 400m at Warragul (22.80).

Kiowa Producer* litter

CARRUM DOWNS breeder, Barry Tharle, has a nice litter of 11 pups on the list this week, by the US bred imported sire, Kiowa Producer (April 2011 Dragon Fire x Kay V Sweet Kay) that should create enormous interest amongst prospective buyers with future breeding in mind.

The three dogs and eight bitches are from the beautifully bred bitch, Hot Cash (April 2013 Fabregas x Hot Fantasia) whose dam is by Premier Fantasy* x Lovey Craves It (Token Prince x Good Dish).

Race A Chaser syndications

She is from her dam's only litter of six named, which included Energy Force, Enervate, Hot Hot Hot, Leave Pass and Sorcha and I would suggest there are many prospective breeders out there who will be keenly following the daughters of Fabregas as they become available for breeding, considering as we noted earlier, Fabregas does not turn six years old for another five months.

Hot Cash did all of her racing at Mandurah in WA, where she raced 14 times for six wins, all at over 405m (22.55) with four placings, with only one of her 14 races over 302m.

Kiowa Producer* comes to Australia with outstanding credentials, and the first thing to note is that his sire Dragon Fire is by champion Australian born, international stud success, Brett Lee (January 1999 Gun Law Osti x Sobbing Sal) from the US bred bitch, Hoops Slamdunk (Molotov x Flying Sea Doo) and that his dam, Kay V Sweet Kay is by Flying Penske x Flying Sweet Ann.

On the track he raced 94 times for an amazing 50 wins and 18 placings, was selected as a 2013 All American, and won the Mardi Gras Hollywood World Classic, Southland Derby and the Chris Callas Memorial, winning most of his races over the tricky 533m, so you would think his offspring would be able to run all day.

Plenty to like about the breeding of these well bred youngsters Barry, and I for one can't wait for the first of this exciting imported sire's offspring to reach the tracks.

Touch of Magic

OUR next litter for review from this week's Victorian list is a nice litter of eight pups, registered by Cyprus Lodge syndicate manager, Craig Elliot, by the very successful sire Magic Sprite (March 2008 Brett Lee x Glamorous) whose dam is by Spiral Nikita* x Leprechaun Yap (Hotshot x Leprechaun Miss).

The two dogs and six bitches in this litter are from the beautifully bred bitch, Cover Girl (June 2009 Premier Fantasy* x Witch Magic) whose dam is by Awesome Assassin x Star Witch (Bearability x Witchita), and who was bred by one of Australia's most astute breeders, Paul Westerveld.

Cover Girl is from a winning litter which included Molly Molloy, Our Coralie, Premier Magic, Rush Hour and Witch Fantasy, with their dam also producing winners from each of her four other litters, whelped in April 2006 by Larkhill Jo*, October 2007 by Pure Octane, August 2008 by Hallucinate and January 2011 by Velocette.

On the track she raced 25 times for six wins and nine placings, winning over 390m at Ballarat (22.10) where she also won over 450m (25.59), 390m at Shepparton (22.47), 430m at Bendigo (24.47), 400m at Warragul (22.84) and 400m at Geelong (22.64).

Caviar anyone?

COHUNA breeder, Andrew Graham has our next litter for review, which has nine pups by the Canadian bred imported sire, Paddy Whacker* (July 2008 Heart Rumble x Spicy Candy) whose sire Heart Rumble is by the Australian bred Smooth Rumble (Ginger x Follow Through) from the beautifully bred bitch, Beaming Heart (Spiral Nikita x Slippy Heart).

The three dogs and six bitches in this litter are from the well bred bitch, Orange Fisheggs (January 2013 Magic Sprite x Prancing Uno) whose dam is by Primo Uno x Prancer (Head Honcho x Kurt).

Orange Fisheggs is from a versatile, 100% winning litter which included Become The Fuse, Cerberis, Cigar Sam, Emrys, Gun Smoke Stumpy, OK Ollie and Prancing Magic.

Their dam, Prancing Uno, also has winners on file from her only two other litters, whelped in December 2009 by Bo Frazier, and April 2011 by Birthday Boy.

On the track, Orange Fisheggs was lightly raced with just 15 starts from which she scored one win, over 480m at Horsham (27.88) and three placings, over 450m at Ballarat and 390m at Warrnambool where she was also placed over 450m.

I am working on a more detailed story on Paddy Whacker* which will be ready in a couple of weeks, as there is so much to like about his pedigree, and he is a low profile imported sire, already a proven sire in three countries with a lot of potential.

Anyone for surfing?

OUR final litter for review this week is a beauty, 11 pups by recently deceased, outstanding sire Surf Lorian (April 2002 Just The Best x Barrio Fiesta).

Registered by Balmattum breeder, Lee Tindall, the five dogs and six bitches are from the well bred, lightly raced bitch, Latina (January 2009 Bombastic Shiraz x Nova Keroma) whose dam is by Go Wild Teddy x Mantina (Barneys Alarm* x Scotirra).

She is from a litter of four named which included Bossman Jack, Dutch Daniel and Nova Vite, and it is worth noting that their dam, Nova Keroma has a 100% winning litter of nine named, by Surf Lorian, whelped in March 2007 which included four group performers, La Voca, Nova Surf, Seaswift and Showtime Leo, along with the only pup named, Leo The Line from an August 2009 litter by Surf Lorian, and also had winners from an April 2010 litter by Collision.

On the track Latina raced 14 times for five wins and four placings, winning twice over 515m at The Gardens (29.76), along with single wins over 520m at Wentworth Park (30.18), 515m at Gosford (30.29) and 535m at Richmond (30.51).

Latina has one named offspring to date, Chief Hiawatha who was whelped in August 2014 in a litter of five dogs and eight bitches by Cosmic Chief.

NSW litters

WE have no litter reviews from New South Wales this week, as despite several requests, are yet to release details of the litters whelped in January, which would normally have been available the second week in March.

Victorian Metropolitan Sires List

Victorian metro sires listBARCIA BALE has retained his position at the top of the Victorian Metropolitan Sires list at the end of April racing after his offspring won 10 races on Melbourne's two city tracks for the month, although his main opponents did move five wins closer.

He now heads the list with 74 wins from 39 individual winners, followed by Cosmic Rumble with 61 wins, Magic Sprite 53 wins, * 45 wins and Turanza Bale 43 wins completing the top five.

Looking at the top five after deducting Wednesday and Sunday provincial stake meetings, Barcia Bale leads with 41 wins, followed by Cosmic Rumble and Magic Sprite with 34 wins each, Turanza Bale with 32 wins and Kinloch Brae* with 25 wins.

Magic Sprite, who is absolutely dominating the NSW Metropolitan Sires list was the top April sire in Melbourne with 16 wins, followed by Cosmic Rumble with 15 wins and Turanza Bale with 14 wins.

Just outside the top 20 at the end of April, both with 10 wins each are, Stagger and Razldazl Jayfkay*, then Lochinvar Marlow with nine wins, Nolen with eight wins, Oaks Road, , Razldazl George*, Heston Bale and Buck Fever with seven wins each, Djays Octane* and Kelsos Fusileer* with six wins each and Dyna Lachlan, Bobby Boucheau, High Earner, Westmead Osprey*, Vee Man Vane and Farley Turbo* with five wins each.

Winners for the top April sires were as follows:

Magic Sprite (March 2008 Brett Lee x Glamorous) 16 wins

3 wins Rippin Hayne (x Chevy Princess) and Skyes Apprentice (x Mach Tan).
1 win He's So Good (x Audacious Elle), Lady Lurcher (x Heggart), Lil Tay (x Mach Ten), Made First (x Thundering Speed), Maximum Bella (x Lil's Memory), Next To Go (x Run Rampant), Pechey (x So Seductive), Sidute (x Live On Reality), Steel The Best (x Best Percentage) and Ultimate Magic (x Daydream).

Cosmic Rumble (April 2007 Spiral Nikita* x Spiritual Rumble) 15 wins

2 wins Bruce Tycoon (x New Year's Punch), Crackerjack Sam (x Lizzie's Memory) and Lunar Eclipse (x Midnight Eclipse).
1 win Eyes On You (x Free Dream), Kelly Hook (x My Mum Sienna), King Size Shambi (x Molly Dolly), OK Jake (x Lizzie's Memory), Parkers Foibles (x Quidame), Running Yards (x Running Smart), Slick Ice (x Tania Two Shoes) and Quizzical (x Quidame).

Turanza Bale (June 2006 Primo Uno x Daishi Bale) 14 wins

2 wins Benta Bale (x Bala Bale), Eaton Bale (x Hafren Bale) and Straw Hat Luffy (x Cara Bale).
1 win Aeroplane Bob (x Ritza Night), Aeroplane Tommy (x Ritza Night), Allen Membo (x Ucme Typhoon*), Allen Portland (x Ucme Typhoon*), Ivy Bale (x Penelope Bale), Jayco Bale (x Sequoia), Quaint Bale (x Coco Bale) and Tywin Bale (x Blachura Bale).

From the mailbag

NEWS by email this week, from popular South Australian breeder, Judy Hurley, with news of the arrival of a litter of five dogs and one bitch, by Magic Sprite (March 2008 Brett Lee x Glamorous) from the well bred bitch, Emerley Senorita (March 2012 El Grand Senor x Emerley Charmer) whose dam is by Big Daddy Cool x Eudunda Eudunda (Hotshot x Dignitary).

Emerley Senorita was the only pup named in her litter, and her dam has only three other named offspring on file, Emerley Assassin (December 2013 x Royal Assassin) then Emerley Azure and Emerley Ice (both whelped February 2013 by Velocette).

On the track, Emerley Senorita raced 90 times for 21 wins and 20 placings, winning 19 times over 515m at Angle Park (29.73) with 10 sub 30 second times, then twice over 531m at Gawler (31.17).

Judy said that the matriarch of her breeding line, Eudunda Eudunda has been very good to her, producing winners from three litters, by Big Daddy Cool, History Lesson and Royal Assassin, now she has high hopes for this litter from one of her granddaughters, and although one of the pups was on the small side and struggling at the time of writing she was keeping her fingers crossed.

Bred to win

REPELO MUGGLETUM (Black bitch, July 2014 Barcia Bale x ) won twice from four starts with two placings over 460m at Geelong before stepping up to 515m at Sandown on May 8, from box seven when fourth, beaten by 6.4 lengths in the race won by Silky Sock (29.71). That was only her sixth start and she will be improved by the run so watch her next time she steps out.

ELITE SHIRAZ (Fawn bitch, March 2014 Elite State x Flaming Shiraz). Lightly raced with just 15 starts for two wins and seven placings, before third from box three over 515m at Sandown on May 8, beaten 1.66 lengths in the race won by Destini Soprano (29.77). Plenty to like about that run and is a likely improver.

TWO of our previous bred to win greyhounds popped up in the second race at Sandown last Sunday when Belle Deity (Collision x Miss Bel Air) won, $2.10 and $1.10 and Eddie Eagle (Barcia Bale x Lara's Rock) finished third $2.60) which gave us our third winner from six nominated to date.

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