All NSW greyhound race meetings limited to 10 races

NSW greyhound racing

The changes just keep coming and they don't stop. Greyhound () and the Greyhound Welfare & Commission () have now capped all greyhound meetings to 10 races only. This latest change comes after the introduction of and new which allow registered trainers only to attend races.

GRNSW have said that the new cap on races is in “order to maintain the stringent biosecurity controls” introduced with the new NSW race-day procedures.

The new measures will come into effect for all race meetings drawn from today, at all the remaining venues.

GRNSW and GWIC are said to be working on race programming to maximise opportunities for all greyhounds in their zones and across all grades and distances.

Since the new racing schedule was put in place last Tuesday to fight against the spread of , GWIC and GRNSW have been continually reviewing the race-day protocols around the kennelling and racing of greyhounds, to adhere to the measures previously communicated to industry.

After further consideration, and given the resource-intensive approach of the process, the decision was made to put the 10-race limit on all greyhound meetings.

GRNSW have said that “is paramount these measures be introduced to ensure with community and government expectations”.

NSW greyhound racing coronavirus counter-measures

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