Black Hummer Humming Along At Benalla Coursing

Lucky Benalla, they’ve had rain! This made for a track in wonderful condition and served for a great days coursing.

The grandstand at Benalla gives a superb panoramic view from the slips to the catching pen and with many close courses the crowd was held spellbound waiting for the red or white judge’s flag.

In true coursing style the weather gave a fair rendition of what can be delivered, with heavy rain followed by some bright sunshine. The coursing enthusiasts never let weather determine their desire for a good days coursing.

The two feature events were memorials to Roy Symes and Max Johnson with puppy and maiden stakes supporting the card.

There was a special sign for Jackie & when their bitch Special Sign won the Roy Symes Memorial.

For the Westerlo camp Black Hummer is taking all before him and securing favoritism for the with another fine performance, this time winning the Max Johnson Memorial.

The Glass Clan from Merton had a great day with two winners, Swansea Johnsy and Bull Bar Barb.

The brothers Fothergill hailing for Numurkah started the day off in grand style winning their first courses but as can be the case the second course is hard. Their grand campaigner Billabong Spur run up in the Royal Symes Memorial. The Glass’ and the Fothergill’s have their young soon to be adult children totally involved and it is really great to see this family activity.

John Donaldson from Euroa had a good day with Fawn Hype winning a maiden stake. John also won the raffle, a stud service to Vapour Whirl.

Plunger improved on his second course defeat last week to break his maiden status.

Triaca’s from Lima has a successful day with two winners, Black and Stately Phoenix.

Black Ruffian successfully competed in her first coursing stake with a win for her trainer, S. Hancock.

Litter mates Zohan and Unforgotten performed admirably for M. Filomeno of Craigieburn with a win to Zohan and a runner up to Unforgotten at their coursing debut.

Vin & Troy Sait made the trip across Charlton to have two runners up.

The Burke’s from Echuca Village also had two runners up.

Noel Massina gave a wonderful account of each course as the course broadcaster and there was much banter between the punters and Gary Thomas the , both Noel and Gary add some extra entertainment. Many thanks should go to all who made this such a successful meeting.

We’re having a one week break and then we’ve got two weeks coursing on the Lang Lang course. The GOTBA are hosting a meeting on the 21st June and Lang Lang willhost their own meeting on the 28th June. See you there!

Full Benalla Coursing Results

Event 1 – Roy Symes Memorial
Winner: SPECIAL SIGN, a May 2006 WBK B, : Exceptional X Semaphore, Owner: J. A. McRae, Trainer: R. McRae – Junction Village DEFEATED BILLABONG SPUR, a May 2006 BK D, breeding: Hallucinate X Alray Legacy, Owner Fothers Synd, Trainer M. Fothergill – Numurkah.

Event 2 – Max Johnson Memorial
Winner: BLACK HUMMER, a March 2007 BK D, breeding: Black Enforcer X Hum Dinga, Owner: N. McRae, Trainer: C. Westerlo – Clyde DEFEATED HOMICIDE, a November 2006 WBK D, breeding: X Kelly’s Gem, Owner: Y. Nah Synd, Trainer J. Chircop – Heathcote.

Event 3 – Vapour Whirl @ Stud Bitch Maiden 1
Winner: BLACK RUFFIAN, a March 2006 BK B, breeding: Brett Lee X Cyclone Entity, Owner/Trainer: S. Hancock – Longwood DEFEATED MAJOR DANJER, a March 2006 BD B, breeding: X Opporchancity, Owner/Trainer: D. Dunn – Howlong.

Event 4 – Whitey’s Pet Foods Bitch Maiden 2
Winner: SWANSEA JOHNSY, a October 2006 WBK B, breeding: Exceptional X Victory Sweet, Owner: S. Evans, Trainer: G. Glass – Merton DEFEATED HENLIN PARK SARA, a October 2006 BK B, breeding: Elite State X Fast Lankan, Owner: S. Sturgess, Trainer: L. Sturgess – Smythesdale.

Event 5 – Cooper’s Benalla Dog Maiden 1
Winner: PLUNGER, a February 2006 F D, breeding: Hallucinate X Entrenched, Owner: G. Bahen, Trainer: C. Bahen – Yuroke DEFEATED SYKES, a January 2006 BK D, breeding: Brett Lee X Tirolize, Owner: H. A. Go Synd, Trainer: S. Burke – Echuca Village.

Event 6 – Wangarratta Greyhounds Dog Maiden 2
Winner: STATELY PHOENIX, a February 2006 WF D, breeding: Stately Bird X Hippy Gale, Owner/Trainer: P. Triaca – Lima DEFEATED CHICKO VIN, a September 2006 BD D, breeding: X Marlena’s Vin, Owner/Trainer: V. Sait – Charlton.

Event 7 – Benalla race Club Dog Maiden 3
Winner: FAWN HYPE, a February 2007 F D, breeding: Bombastic Shiraz X Hyde Park, Owner: D. Andreula, Trainer: J. Donaldson – Euroa DEFEATED UNO VIN, a September 2006 BD D, breeding: Primo Uno X Marlena’s Vin, Owner/Trainer: V. Sait – Charlton.

Event 8 – Russell McRae Mixed Maiden
Winner: HIGHER, a December 2004 BK B, breeding: Bombastic Shiraz X Smokey Places, Owner: R. Brown. Trainer: L. Bannan – Violet Town DEFEATED KADE’S COUNTY, a March 2006 BK d, breeding: Hallucinate X Lara’s Hope, Owner: D. Ferremi, Trainer: S. Burke – Echuca Village.

Event 9 – Harris Bros Bitch Puppy
Winner: BULL BAR BARB, An April 2007 BK B, breeding: Where’s Pedro X Creative Night, Owner: G. Anstice, Trainer: G. Glass – Merton DEFEATED UNFORGOTTEN, a March 2007 BK B, Breeding Primo Uno X Unmarkable, Owner/Trainer: M. Filomeno – Craigieburn.

Event 10 – Lindsay Wilsmore Mixed Puppy
Winner: ZOHAN, a March 2007 BK D, breeding: Primo Uno X Unmarkable, Owner/Trainer M. Filomeno – Craigieburn DEFEATED , a March 2007 WBK B, breeding Droopy’s Puzzle X Tiny Tipper, Owner/Trainer: C. Westerlo – Clyde.

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