GWIC imposes 10 year disqualification over dead animal carcass lure offence

The NSW Greyhound & Commission () has confirmed its commitment to protecting the reputation that greyhound racing has worked hard to build over recent years, with a decision to impose a 10-year disqualification upon a participant who was found in breach of the luring and baiting .

Chief Executive Officer, , said the decision has affirmed GWIC’s zero tolerance for conduct where participants are found in possession of any animal that is capable of being used as a under Rule 86B of the Greyhound Racing Rules.

“While matters are very rare in the greyhound racing industry, GWIC will continue to protect the welfare of greyhounds and the integrity of the sport with a firm but fair approach,” Mr Griffin said.

“This disqualification is amongst the highest periods of disqualification imposed by GWIC, which is a reflection on both the severity of the rule breach and how seriously we take our role in protecting the welfare and integrity of the industry.”

“The independent has upheld GWIC’s decision at a recent hearing, proving that this was an extremely serious matter that was dealt with appropriately.”

The recent decision is a reminder that possessing animals or animal carcasses that are capable of being used as a lure, including rabbits, at their training premises will be met with significant periods of disqualification. The seriousness of breaches of this rule is reflected by the minimum mandatory period of a 10-year disqualification if found guilty.

“After significant adversity, this industry has pulled together and worked hard to build a professional reputation with some of the highest standards in the country,” Mr Griffin said. u

“I commend all within the industry who continue to do the right thing. GWIC will continue to work with them to protect the integrity of the sport and ensure anyone who chooses to risk that is penalised appropriately.”

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Lisa Ryan
Lisa Ryan
1 month ago

GWIC’s role is not “protecting the reputation of GRNSW”, it’s supposed to be about greyhound welfare and integrity. You claim to have “zero tolerance” for animal cruelty or ‘certain’ forms of conduct, yet in the same breath you sit on the fence with terms like firm but fair. Penalties must be firm and fair in respects to the greyhounds and other species abused by this activity which forces dogs to run for gambling profits. 10 years is an inadequate penalty – it should be a lifetime. When you refer to significant adversity, are you referring to the industry being exposed… Read more »

Anne Hewitt
Anne Hewitt
1 month ago

Just shut it down