So Slow

Careful work required to improve greyhound racing

“REPORTS of my death have been greatly exaggerated” – Mark Twain. (Actually a small misquotation, according to the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, which claims that...

Greyhound Tips For Wednesday 12th June 2013

Albion Park Greyhounds Race 7 Box 1 Leonard 5.33pm This bloke looks the clear cut winner here today in this. I know its quite easy...

What Was Wrong With The Old System?

Readers might be getting tired of me mentioning hassles with pool sizes and other betting issues but it seems that those in power are reluctant...

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Marbill’s Muddy Taree Summer Cup Win

Consistent rain on Saturday afternoon didn't dampen the enthusiasm nor the standard of greyhound racing at Taree's Kanangra Drive track with some very close finishes...

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