Tuesday’s best greyhound deal – miss at Gosford, get bonuses at Neds

Neds Gosford

Tuesday night takes us to Gosford for an action-packed 11-race card and, thanks to Neds.com.au, punters can get off to the best possible start in the first two races if they find a pup that finishes in the top three.

If you’re betting on the dishlickers, you know all about the pain of getting pipped at the post after looking the goods.

Tonight’s Neds promotion aims to alleviate at least some of that pain.

If you back a fixed odds win bet in the first two races at Gosford, and your dog finishes second or third, you’ll get $50 back in bonus bets.

That means, at the very least, you can have another bite at the cherry in other races at Gosford or around the country.

The first race at Gosford kicks off at 6.55pm AEDT. Read all of the terms and conditions below to ensure you are eligible and gamble responsibly.

Neds bonuses terms and conditions

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