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Passfields Appeal Against Positive Swab Dismissed

On 27 November 2008, the Greyhound and Harness Racing Appeals Tribunal heard and determined an Appeal lodged by Peter Passfield against the positive swab taken...

Thursday 20th November 2008

Thursday 13th November 2008

Megan Mason Is NSW’s Sixth Anabolic Steroid Positive

Megan Lee Mason has been found guilty in NSW’s sixth case to appear before stewards with regard to a positive swab to a banned Anabolic...

Thursday 30th October 2008

Two More Confirmed Positive Swabs In NSW

GHRRA Stewards have recieved confirmatory “B” samples back on two more positives swabs to Anabolic Steroids in the wake of the new rules banning their...

NSW Stewards Await Further Swab Irregularities

Australian Racing Greyhound.com can reveal that further to New South Wales first positive swab to a banned anabolic steroid, GHRRA stewards are awaiting confirmatory “B”...