Diana Trick

Monday 10th May 2010

Greyhound Box Draw For Albion Park – Monday 10th May 2010 Race No. 1Ht 1 Maiden B.g.r.c.06:46PM (QLDtime) Maiden Heat event over 520 Metres at...

Monday 3rd May 2010

Greyhound Box Draw For Albion Park – Monday 3rd May 2010 Race No. 1Ht 1 Maiden Sky Racing06:40PM (QLDtime) Maiden Heat event over 520 Metres...

Tuesday 29th September 2009

Locals Enjoy A Field Day At Casino Greyhounds

Local trainers took home the majority of the “spoils” at last Friday's Casino program, with three trainers preparing doubles. Janice Mc Lean started proceedings with...

Friday 11th September 2009

Blazing Bonfire Back To Best At Casino

Blazing Bonfire returned to her best form to lead all of the way in the Rapidvite stake at Casino last Friday. She is normally a...

Friday 4th September 2009

Tuesday 25th August 2009

LISMORE G.B.O.T.A. (Night) Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Friday 21st August 2009

Tuesday 11th August 2009

Tuesday 4th August 2009

Maxie’s Chariot Runs Best Of Night Back In Distance

The well performed Maxie's Chariot set the time standard through last Friday's fifth grade heats by running a speedy 23.10. Better known over a longer...

Tuesday 28th July 2009

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LISMORE G.B.O.T.A. (Night) Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Saturday 4th April 2009